Niki de Saint Phalle's Monumental Tarot Garden

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Nestled in a wooded space in Tuscany, an incredible batch of large-scale sculptures stands.

All color and magic, Niki de Saint Phalle's gorgeous garden of sculptures stand in eternal parade amidst the trees and troves. Each of the massive sculptures she put together represents a tarot card. What could be more magical?


Saint Phalle was inspired by various sculptural and architectural gardens she visited in the 50's. In particular, a visit to Antoni Gaudí´s "Parc Güell" set her own imagination alight.

Not to be thwarted by a lack of means or land, the ambitious Niki found a way to bring her own beautiful garden to life. A bit of land in Italy was gifted to her cause by the Agnelli brothers Carlo and Nicola Caracciolo brought her one big step closer to her goal. Still, she hungered for inspiration.


To the Swiss Alps and then Mexico, Niki de S.P. retreated in search of artistic influence. In 1980, she began building in earnest, but not alone.

Over the years that followed, she brought in plenty of other people to help with her colossal project as well. When funds began to run short, she came up with her own eponymous perfume to substantial success. The profits went towards completing the garden.

Now, her garden opens up seasonly for visitors to experience. Real-Live Magic.

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