Nick Tabron Takes Your Ears On An "Exodus"

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Like languorous hip hop played under a tree, Nick Tabron's "Exodus" is a willow that weeps.

Glimmering guitar twang spins melodic thread over heavy lyrical stones... A stone's throw from multiple music genres, this song has a sound all its own.

Tapped out and torn up...

No luck left to ride on... Someone left the light on.

Now the bulb's all burnt up.


"Oh so weary is my soul..."

Trap and chill guitar chase the same wind in this track. "Exodus" sends notes out on a breeze, bringing bass and kick along on the journey.

Withering willpower comes woven into the very fabric of "Exodus". It's an intoxicating take on emotions, dim, dipped in harmony and put to tune. Like a new take on timeless style - neo-blues, perhaps - this track trims influences at their edges to fit a creative new contour. It's moody, blue and has a big beat to it too.


Nick nestles country chords and slides into the nooks of a rolling, ticking beat, like hourly notes as overtones to a clock's clicking gears. Time evaporates, escaping us each and every day.

A rainy day and a lounge, lights turned low, both have something in common. Both benefit from this song's inclusion. Press play for some solid musical fusion.

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