Nia Orea's "Mythical" Will Move Your Mortal Mind

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Chill and delightfully immaterial, Nia Orea's new tune "Mythical" makes the mind a feather, light, and heightens the senses.

Wordless wonder works magic on the mind in this soft-sounding stunner.

Deep in the forest...

Where woods weave with shadow, and night never ends...

The ancient one's call us.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

Nia Orea nestles nuance into numerous nooks in the sonic spectrum throughout "Mythical," making music of a daydream and mood of meandering musings.

A warning on the existence of mythical beasts blends, seamless, into an ocean of tone. Crunch in snare, bump in bass, rattle in a revolving door... All of the above and more move freely in this track's beat. Disembodied keys coalesce on the mix's edges and lush synths settle thick on its surface, serene as soft light in the orange of dawn.

Odd Nugge-hecho

Therapeutic in feel and free-flowing in format, "Mythical" eases you into an alpha state on loose, supple harmony.

For a musical breather worth breaking your day with, you can't go wrong playing this song. Touch the button below and let go.

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