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Imagine being high, listening to stoner rock and looking up comic books..

At no other time have humans in the past lived like that.

Now, it's practically an acceptable profession.

With that having been said...

Stoner rock music albums may vary wildly in sound and meaning, but each of the picks pulled together below should be enough to help you let go and let loose.

Sarad Shrestha - SHREE 3 Drabya Dharma

Sarad Shrestha SHREE 3  Drabya Dharma song img

Enjoy the debut album 'Drabya Dharma' from SHREE 3, released on 2019

SHREE 3 Drabya Dharma by Sarad Shrestha

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- Mar Del Zvr - Panesthesia (Full Album)

Mar Del Zvr - Panesthesia (Full Album) Mar del Zvr is a Progressive Stoner RockMetal band from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Panesthesia is their debut full length album and was released in 2019. Eight excellent slabs of arid Stoner Doom that sandblast your face and leave you stranded for the vultures in the blistering sun.

1. Panesthesia - 0:00

2. Coyunturee I - 5:26

3. Avistamento - 14:00

4. Aromacabra - 15:26

5. Coyunturee II - 22:16

6. Coyunturee lll - 26:05

7. Delta - 26:58

8. Sarajevo - 33:06

Cherokee Rock Rifle - ...and the plains are burning

Cherokee Rock Rifle ...and the plains are burning song img

Released January 21st, 2011 at the record bar in Kansas City, MO with Tilts and thee water moccaSins.

...and the plains are burning by Cherokee Rock Rifle

RidingEasy Records - The Well - Pagan Science (Advance Stream)

RidingEasy Records The Well - Pagan Science (Advance Stream) song img

The Well - Pagan Science

EZRDR - 071

Release Date -

The Well - Pagan Science (Advance Stream) by RidingEasy Records

- Unida - The Great Divide (FULL ALBUM)

All rights go to Unida.

The Great Divide, El Coyote, and For the Working Man are titles used to refer to the unreleased second album by US stoner rock band Unida, intended for release in 2001 on American Recordings. The album was eventually released on CD in 2003 at Unida concerts.


1. "Puppet Man" 00:00 - 02:32

2. "Stray" 02:32 - 05:59

3. "Summer" 05:59 - 09:45

4. "King" 09:45 - 15:03

5. "Cain" 15:03 - 20:39

6. "Vince Fontaine" 20:39 - 26:35

7. "Hangman's Daughter" 26:35 - 31:23

8. "Glory Out" 31:23 - 35:10

9. "Slaylina" 35:10 - 39:57

10. "MFNO" 39:57 - 42:42

11. "Last Day" 42:42 - 53:11

12 "Trouble" 53:11 - 56:19

13 "Human Tornado" (New Version) 56:19 - 01:01:01

14 "Thorn" (New Version) 01:01:01 - 01:04:28

15 "Wet Pussycat" (New Version) 01:04:28 - 01:09:53

16 "Thing That Should Not Be" 01:09:53 - 01:16:09

Little Rascal Records said: 'Scott Reeder is one of my fav bass player. These guys rock, like stoners! m'

Carmelo Di Grazia said: 'two years ago, for a concert here in Bologna, Italy, I had the chance to meet John, just a brief talk before his gig, two sips of red wine and a joint smoked together with his band, what more to say... he's a charming and relaxed dude, no posing, a real gentleman.


Ben Muller said: 'Material rights for this $#!# hot material was handled discracfully

This band deserves utmost respect period'

Unida - The Great Divide (FULL ALBUM) by

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