New Sounds #1 Dynamic Duo - Demonk

Bear thee witness to this awesome new power-duo. Soundcloud seems to think they sound alot like The Cure; however, I do not second this arbitrary notion. They've definitely got their own thing going on.

I'll admit it, I was expecting a 21 pilots clone. Now, I've nothing against 21 pilots, but clones of most anything are often uninspiring and uninspired. Thankfully, these guys are unique. They've got a great, gritty sound, riddled with a killer kick and delectable drama.

The first track I had the pleasure of experiencing from these two had a sound that immediately caught my attention.

Tasteful rimshots and an intoxicating guitar groove let me know I was in for something special. "All Eyes On You" comes at you aggressively and doesn't let up until it's over. Palm-muted chord scratching ducks beneath a perfectly memorable beat and backs the front-facing vocals in sublime fashion.

I like it. I like it alot.


Tracks like "Poisonous Fame" are a great experience as well, with grooves heavy enough to make you wonder how a mere duo could play them.

It reminds me of Royal Blood's "Out of the Black" with distant vocals and gnarly guitar tone. Definitely on the heavy side, it's alive and kicking with cool. By the time the drum roll comes in, you'll be out of your seat.


So far, this duo has a strong offering to music lovers and a fascinating style that feels fresh enough to make an impact. Be sure to check out their songs ASAP!

Best wishes to Aidan and Tyler! Awesome music! To you, dear reader, stay odd!


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