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You can play any of the zombie multi games that follow and have loads of fun. So, go on!


家园VR video game Developed by 大自在天 and published by 大自在天

Developed by 大自在天 and published by 大自在天

This is a virtual multi-dimensional VR world. You can choose your own characters and equipment to take risks with your partners in the multi-dimensional world.

You can participate in the battle of the end of the day. Can you find the portal to go home from the end of the zombie infested world?

You can also guard the home core. The monster kingdom is sending troops to attack the game core and recruiting adventurers to guard it.

You can also give full play to your creativity on your own island and build your own seaside villa.

The ordinary difficulty of the game is suitable for normal games. When you have advanced weapons, you can challenge the nightmare difficulty and get more game coins.

The game has a harsh death mechanism. If you die, your character will be reset and all the previously obtained game coins will be lost. Therefore, you must protect yourself when the game is out. If you can't hold on to the game, you can send it home at any time.

VR needs to be set to the standing mode game and set the correct height in the game to get the best experience.


家园VR video game Developed by 大自在天 and published by 大自在天 video screen

More about this game here.

More Like This


Knockback video game by Plucky Rat

Made by Plucky Rat

NOTE: Knockback is under heavy development. Please download the latest demo and help shape the direction of the project. If you decide to buy it, the paid version of the app will entitle you to all the extra content that exists so far and all the content we will be adding in the future.

Knockback the zombie horde

You and your adventurous buddies are experimenting with some magical trinkets after your latest dungeon crawlwhen you hear moaning down the hall. You turn and see a hideous bug-eyed zombie wielding a copper frying pan and charging right at you. Instinctively,you throw a nearby rock at the undead creature --and down he goes!

Hey, that was kinda FUN. What happens if Icombine a rock and sticky snail snot?"

This first person wave defense gameis built for maximum fun for one, or groups oftwo, three,orfour. Knockback isfilled with magical weapons that allow you do eliminate zombies in your own personal ways. Work with your buddies and have fun defending against hordes of zombies, keep from being overwhelmed, last out all the rounds, and kill the boss for the win. And, it's all about how you do it!

Knockbackis a physics sandbox that challenges you to ask yourself "how many ways can I destroy the zombies?"Go ahead play with fire! Swing 'em from a chandelier or smash 'em with a statue rolling down the stairs. Wanna suck the zombies into a tight ball and zap em with lightning? You can do that. Rain down sticky stones of fire onto their heads? Gotcha covered. Hit em with a giant rolling stone that bowls down the baddies? Go for it!

Now get out there and stick a snail snot rock to an unsuspectingzombie chin!




More about this game here.

ToBas Zombies

ToBas Zombies video game Developed by ToBa Productions and published by ToBa Productions

Developed by ToBa Productions and published by ToBa Productions

What is ToBas Zombies?

ToBas Zombies is a multiplayersingleplayer zombie shooter in low poly style.


various NPCs (non-player characters) who sell you weapons, expansions aka Perks (WIP) and healing packs

Different zombies (level 1-5) Level 1 has the least health, level 5 has the most health, mini zombies only have 50 health but are 25 faster

3 different game world sizes (small, normal, large)

completely randomly generated game worlds (each game world contains houses, trees, grass and at least 1 lake, 1 mountain)

Zombies spawn non-stop

34 different weapons and 6 different colors per weapon (WIP) NOT all weapons can be used directly, some have to be played freely

Day night cycle

Weather system

Steam Multiplayer (WIP - May still contain bugs) You can play with any player

The functions marked with WIP are still being implemented

You have:



Then join our Discord server now to bring your ideas into the game!

The game

You start a round in single player or multiplayer mode (Early Access) and buy a starting weapon from the NPC.As soon as all players have a weapon, the game begins.

The goal is to survive!

Each round is an endless game, depending on the level of difficulty you have chosen, up to 50 zombies can exist on the map.

The game ends when all players are dead.

You have 34 different firearms and grenades (WIP) at your disposal.

For each zombie you save, you get gold and experience points.

You need the coins for new weapons, extensions (perks), and healing packages to healrevive you and other players.

You need experience to increase your level and unlock new weaponsextensions.

ToBas Zombies

ToBas Zombies video game Developed by ToBa Productions and published by ToBa Productions video screen

More about this game here.

Dungeon Royale

Dungeon Royale video game Developed by YakiCL and published by YakiCL

Developed by YakiCL and published by YakiCL

Step into the dungeon and battle every other adventurers to win the treasure!

Dungeon Royale is an action-rpg battle-royale with rogue-lite elements in a pixel-art settings.

Find items, equipments and special rooms in the dungeon to triumph over your opponents.. Or slay the adventurers as a monster from the dungeon!

Only one will get to the end so there is only one rule : Stay alive !

Dungeon Royale

Dungeon Royale video game Developed by YakiCL and published by YakiCL video screen

More about this game here.

Galaxity : Korea VR

Galaxity : Korea VR video game Developed by MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd. and published by MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd.

Developed by MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd. and published by MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd.

You can also access it through Galaxity : Korea AR. Have a fascinating experience where VR users and Mobile users meet in one space!

Let's start the Galaxity journey with the only avatar that I can decorate however I want!

The avatar that expresses me is created with various products in the store.

From the face to the outfit, it's filled with my taste.

I meet my friends from all over the world with my own avatar.

Arrived from a new place to a new look, this place will probably be our own world!

meeting Seoul With Galaxity

Shall We Go On A Trip to Major Areas Of Seoul?From Myeong-dong to Gwangjang Market, Gyeongbokgung Palace, N Seoul Tower, and Cheonggyecheon Stream!

Friends from all over the world who meet at new destinations are full of welcome excitement from the meeting!

At a playground called Galaxity : Korea, where we meet for the first time,

Let's all have an exciting and happy time together.

Mini games to enjoy at attractions in Seoul.

Shall we enjoy various mini-games prepared by Galaxity : Korea?

Tycon] Get orders from customers at a snack bar set up in the plaza market and quickly prepare food.

The only thing to solve the increasing number of orders as the game progresses is speed!

Rhythm] In Cheonggyecheon Stream, you can break the flying block as if you were doing Taekwondo to exciting music.

The blocks that get faster and faster when accurate movements and my sense of rhythm are combined, too! There is no problem.

FPS] Shall we become warriors protecting Gyeongbokgung Palace?

Save Gyeongbokgung Palace, which is in danger from zombies' attacks.

You can defeat zombies running with double pistols and prepared secret weapons in both hands.

The more dangerous zombies play the game, the more dangerous zombies will threaten Gyeongbokgung Palace, so don't let your guard down!

Arcade] At Seoul Tower, find a magpie narrowly located on a high-altitude pipe.

If you take each step carefully and safely go to the magpie's nest, you succeed!

The obstacles installed here and there make the road to the nest more thrilling and exciting.

Can we safely save magpies beyond obstacles without falling off the pipe?

When you enjoy the mini-games held at the landmark of Seoul, Korea is already in your hands!

New friends from Myeong-dong, the center of Seoul.

Shall we make new friends in a new space?Meet various friends while talking together and having an exciting time in the square called Myeong-dong.

Did you meet your soulmate?

Then, let's be a friend with him or her and leave on the journey of Galaxity : Korea together.

If we're together, we also have double pleasure!

If we communicate and enjoy with so many friends from all over the world, Myeong-dong will soon become our own playground.

Make memories with your friends at Seoul in Galaxity : Korea and be hooked on mini-games. Then, we and Seoul will get closer!

Seoul become amusement park open to everyone.

A NEW SPOT, JEJU ISLAND, has been added to Galaxity : Korea!"Ramsar wetland protected area, Dongbaek dongsan in Jeju Island"You can visit Seoul and Jeju Island at any time you want on the World Map of Galaxity : Korea.Here, you can easily hear the explanation and story of the Dongbaek dongsan Wetland Center through text and voice.And also if you move to Meonmulkkak, the representative wetland of Dongbaek dongsan, you can hear the explanation while looking at the Meonmulkkak in front of you.Enjoy the green and beautiful scenery and get some rest of your mind in nature.Items that can only be purchased at stores in Dongbaek dongsan in Jeju Island can't be overlooked!You can decorate your avatar by choosing items that go well with exploring Meonmulkkak wetlands or taking a walk in the wetland center.Now, In Jeju Island, take a leisurely walk around the Dongbaek dongsan and the Meonmulkkak and make wonderful memories with your friends from all over the world!

Galaxity : Korea VR

Galaxity : Korea VR video game Developed by MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd. and published by MAMMOSSIX Co., Ltd. video screen

More about this game here.

Endless Zombie Tower

Endless Zombie Tower video game Developed by NoserverStudios and published by NoserverStudios

Developed by NoserverStudios and published by NoserverStudios

The StorySetting

You play as special-unit team (Up to 8 players) or alone inside a skyscraper and fight against zombies.

Objective is to master as many floors as possible without dying. Game is over if all players died. This game is not easy and every new floor will be harder to fight.

Every round is different because room content and zombie spawn points are randomized.

Zombie count increases with player count.

Change your gameplay (Difficulty)

Set light duration

Set damage strength

Set item slots

Set target floor

Find your enemy

Use zombie radar to find zombies.


100 floorsstages (100. floor is special boss-level)

Random room content and order

3 weapons, punch and some items

Adjust your difficulty

Play up to 8 players coop

10 zombie classes 1 special boss zombie

Zombie radar



Controller support

Donut hat

Zombie classes

Slow zombie: The normal zombie guy.

Fast zombie: You should aim well.

Medium big zombie: Could kill you by one hit.

Fat zombie: Contains small fast zombies.

Small fast zombie: Contained in fat zombies.

Trash zombie: Difficult but drops items.

Hole zombie: Maybe hungry.

Immortal zombie: Spawns rare but immortal.

Infect zombie: Smokes to much.

Chair zombie: Pro gamer.

Endless Zombie Tower

Endless Zombie Tower video game Developed by NoserverStudios and published by NoserverStudios video screen

More about this game here.

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