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Enemy AI in a strategy game is just your computer working against you.


You probably won't want to miss these strategy games. If you have time to spare, then try these out!

Glory of Rome

Glory of Rome video game Developed by Simon Codrington and published by Simon Codrington

Developed by Simon Codrington and published by Simon Codrington

Glory of Rome is a grand city builder set in the peak of the Roman Empire. Your appointment from the Senate is to create, manage and expand settlements to further the reaches of glorious Rome.You'll take on the role of a city administrator. You'll manage resources, industries, and the needs of your citizens to create a flourishing society. With multiple types of citizens and industries, you'll have to balance each of their needs to ensure your city thrives.

Across the Roman Empire

Rome's reach is vast and so is the work required. Play across campaigns with dozens of scenarios, unlocking more challenging appointments as you progress. You'll manage settlements all the way from the heart of Italy to Africa, Gaul and beyond. Each of the scenarios sends you across the land, with their own unique layout, design, resources and personality. It's up to you to tame these lands and bring glory to the Empire.Roman GloryIn the heartland of Italy you'll take on the role of a new administrator. It's your task from the Senate to create thriving settlements, complex industries and expand the glory of the Empire via growth and development. Across scenarios you'll support the needs of your Roman citizens and encourage their development to create grand cities worthy of the Empire.The African KingdomFar away in the lands of Africa you'll create powerful villages and robust trading ecosystems. Taking charge of regional development, you will work with both the African locals and your Roman citizens to create unique trade goods and resources the Empire demands. This challenging appointment, set across scenarios will see you test your skills, requiring you to balance the needs of the locals with that of the Senate.Tribes of GaulThe Gaulish lands are harsh and challenging. it's up to you as the new administrator to foster a relationship of mutual support. The Gaulish campaign will see you play across scenarios, each of which will test your skills in resource generation, financial management and support of both your local and Roman citizens.

Expand, Grow, ThriveYou'll undertake multiple appointments from the Senate, each one with their own unique challenges and gameplay styles. Each mission is different, requiring you to satisfy the needs of the Senate, from creating certain structures, expanding your residential dwellings or growing your population.As you prove your worth to the Senate, more complex paths open before you, expanding your possibilities of your city management. Complete dozens of unique scenarios across three campaigns. Demonstrate your planning and management skills to create thriving rich settlements.

Resources Management Balance

Creating resources and balancing requirements are fundamental to the growth and development of your settlements. Each citizen, industry and business has their own needs and requirements. It's up to you as the administrator to balance these needs to ensure goods flow all across the city. You'll create a wide variety of resources from agricultural products, minerals, trade goods and everything else in-between to see your settlement flourish.With dozens of resources across multiple cultures, you'll need to establish thriving industrial sectors to create the range of goods your people and the Senate desires. It takes a skilled administrator to balance the interconnected requirements of each settlement. It's up to you to create grand industries, thriving population centers and to provide for the needs of your people.

Glory of Rome

Glory of Rome video game Developed by Simon Codrington and published by Simon Codrington video screen

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Hardware Tycoon

Hardware Tycoon video game by Haxor

Made by Haxor

Hardware Tycoon is a free simulation management game where you run your own hardware company, influence the market and compete with other companies - either only to stay up-to-date or revolutionize the industry.Right now it's in rather early stages of development; the only hardware available to develop is the CPU, butmany more are planned to come.The recommended way to play:Download to your machine from the links below, or if you prefer toplay in a browser, use eitherGoogle Chrome or Microsoft Edge.

Download and install Lato fonts.

Your video card and browser should support WebGL (pretty much all modern ones do).Important links:Discord serverOfficial wikiF.A.Q.ModDBCredits:Haxor - main developerSenzo - artistdesignerVenti - company logosThesGunslingers - exclusive Moore's Jazz and Moore's Menu Music tracksSpecial thanks to beta-testers and donors If you have any questionsfeedback about the game or overall, feel free to ask on the discussion board, the wiki, Twitter, or Discord!Music credits:"Acid Jazz", "Apero Hour", "Awesome Call", "Backbay Lounge", "Bossa Antigua", "Hard Boiled", "Jazz Brunch", "Poppers and Prosecco", "Rollin' at " by Kevin MacLeod ( are licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution . License

Hardware Tycoon

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Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions video game Developed by Sofa Mauve Studio Inc. and published by Sofa Mauve Studio Inc.

Developed by Sofa Mauve Studio Inc. and published by Sofa Mauve Studio Inc.

------KoA CotC short for "Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions" is a PVEPVP Fantasy Survival Game with many "RPG" aspects.In the "KoA CotC" world you start your journey as a Champion; a divine mortal, sculpted by the great Elder, to quell the corruption that has enveloped the land and its inhabitants. Different champions, also sculpted by the elder, have the same goal. Be aware, some might be friendly, some might be foes, you all have the same goal but even the strongest Champions can succumb to the darkness. An array of combat options will be available to your champion from melee, ranged and magic. Choose your "Faction" with care! Factions reside in specific villages around the CotC world and belong to different "realms".

Be warned champion! Your actions in these realms will follow you and might effect your destiny.Your aspiration, since arriving in this world, was to cleanse the darkness and vanquish those responsible for it....the Fallen. These divine guardians, once beloved and cherished by all of Atham, unearthed the Crown of the Champion; an ancient divine artifact that balances the light and the darkness in all living things.------The conflict between the guardians originated over control of the crown and lead to a split in their ranks. One that wanted to preserve Atham as is; the other that wanted to dominate it. As the battle between the adversaries raged it enveloped the known world.

Giant shadows were observed on the horizon, the echoed sounds of shattered mountains reverberated through the realms and violent tremors reduced civilizations to rubble. The final engagement between the two factions lead to the shattering of the crown and the apocalyptic release of energy that reforged the Guardians into calous power mongers. Blinded to their original belief of maintaining balance amongst all things they transformed into tyrannical desbots. Their malice, brutality, and oppression altered the very nature of Atham.The moment the Crown shattered every creature experienced and was changed by it. This was followed by mysterious objects that fell from the heavens and impacted the world with such force that it created fissures across the realms.

Following the "Sundering" despair invaded the hearts and minds of the people as an unnatural propagation of twisted creatures ravaged the lands searching for those remnants of the Crown. Inevitably this lead to a new conflict, the Divine War, and it has raged on for almost years.Your goal, Champion is to find the remnants of the Crown and restore balance to Atham. Build your fortress, find allies and save the realms. Crafting and fighting your way to honor and glory. The Darkness is your worst enemy; the Light ... a lost friend.------We plan to add these features in the full release many are already existing in game.-Building (make a small house, village or town).-Complex Crafting (farming and fishing included).-Towns with merchants and guards (Faction based).-Party Guild system.-Impressive enemies of all kinds.-Special companion to follow you around the world.-Combat: melee, ranged, magical and underwater combat scenarios.-Reputation aspect where your choice will impact your game play.-Dedicated servers for rent to make your own rules and world.-Three different races with bonuses to specific classes.

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions

Kingdom of Atham: Crown of the Champions video game Developed by Sofa Mauve Studio Inc. and published by Sofa Mauve Studio Inc. video screen

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Monads II

Monads II video game Developed by Team Monad and published by Team Monad

Developed by Team Monad and published by Team Monad

The second work following 'Monads', released in .About SeriesThe ensemble about loneliness.Inspired by classic SRPGs, "Monads" is a trilogy series that adds the charm of the story of colorful characters intertwining with their own views and worries to battle rules represented by tile-based turn-based battles.This series is basically a 'Tactics' game.

Among the various characters, You can find the effective combination for each stage environment, and the same character also have different powers depending on which abilities you choose within a certain constraint. In addition, there are various levels of difficulty, from 'Beginner' to 'Legend', to play games according to your preference. Anyone, ranging from users who want to appreciate the story without burden to strategy game enthusiasts who love special challenges, can play this.CharacteristicsThere are three main characteristics that distinguish 'Monads' from other games that look similar.

First, units "retreat" before they die if enough damage accumulates. a parameter named 'Will' decreases depending on events in battle, such as being damaged or friendly units being removed. This will make the unit retreat easily. Of course units can die, if you don't give a chance to retreat and do a lot of damage. In this case, the vestige remains in the tiles and lowers the will of the surrounding units, regardless of if it is friendly or not.

These will require deeper thought as the difficulty increases. And 'Will' also affects 'Morale', which is a shared resource needed to use Ultimate skills.Secondly, it has the rules of puzzle game in macroscopic view. No random, so same behavior always leads to the same result, and you can revert and try different actions whenever you want. While encouraging new strategic attempts by players, the frustration from mistakes is intended to be minimized.Finally, we completely ruled out meaningless repetition.

The fastest way to grow a character and gain new abilities is to just follow the scenario. But players who enjoy new attempts and challenges can retry former stages with all characters. There is no reward for repeating same play, but providing additional skill points from higher difficulty reflects the 'aesthetics of challenge', core intention of this work.ScenarioPlayer will follow the path of the group divided into three groups.

Lucius, a typical hero who lost everything overnight in a conspiracy but tried to fight back and defend justice.

Deus, a mysterious sage who was considered the savior in part I, but tries to turn the crisis of being deprived of the means of counterattack and drifting abroad into an opportunity.Noel, the head of the Royal Guards, who is on the side of the empire to make the world one, desperately hopes that this war and sacrifice will be the last tragedy in history.Unlike the first part, in which each figure was in charge of a chapter, two conflicting characters per each groups are in charge of the narrative. However, it is the same that characters from different backgrounds, thoughts, and intentions influence each other and create a flow of events. We tried to give the expectations and joy of feeling the omniscient point of view of the performances of the characters struggling for the best he thought.

Monads II

Monads II video game Developed by Team Monad and published by Team Monad video screen

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Rock Star Manager

Rock Star Manager video game by Imperia Studios

Made by Imperia Studios

Manage your own Music Studio!Congratulations! You're about to buy your own music studio!To strive in the music industry you must:Scout and Hire BandsTrain your musiciansSchedule gigs and albums

Deal with the musicians personal problemsManage your money and reputationGood luck in your journey. I'll surely root for your success!Responda um pequeno questionario e ajude a melhorar o jogo!PT-this short form and help us improve the game!ENG -https:forms.glewitNFpAgZJxfQV

Rock Star Manager

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Nurose video game Developed by Orongto and published by Orongto

Developed by Orongto and published by Orongto

Nurose is an online dueling game where you fight others with custom spells. It has a custom spell building system which allows players to create unique attacks.Custom SpellsCentral to Nurose is its unique spell building system. Spells are built by visually programming glyphs in a staff. There are glyphs ranging from simple movement glyphs to complex conditional glyphs. You don't need to level up to earn new glyphs or staffs. Each glyph is available from the start, so everyone is on an even playing field.

The spell possibilities are endless. Some spells that you could make include:Mines that explode when the enemy is nearby.

Shields made up of projectiles in a semi-circle.Anti-missile attacks that will look for enemy projectiles and destroy them.

A spell that makes decoy clones and moves them in specific directions.What sets the great players apart is their skill in spell building and mastering their builds. When you have made a build, enter online matchmaking and fight others with your spells.Online matchmaking

In online matchmaking you will fight others in a v best of game. Each player has several staffs available. The game is made in a custom engine with rollback netcode for optimal online experience.Credits to Benoxiid for the trailer and in game music.


Nurose video game Developed by Orongto and published by Orongto video screen

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TRESPASSER video game by dsdev

Made by dsdev

Welcome to TRESPASSER - a brand new horror game by the same developer of Not Our Home!A child, home alone, is afraid of not having their parents around. Tonight will be their biggest nightmare, someone breaking into their house when theyre alone.

An immersive first-person game-play experience with dozens of effects and sound effects will have you feel as if you are in the position of a very common childhood fear.Will you be able to overcome it?


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