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Nearly every over the shoulder RPG game that doesnt include character customization has a male protagonist with brown or black hair and a sharp tongue..

With that settled...

Take on a new challenge in any of these amazing new rpg games fresh off of steam and itch...

Monads II

Monads II video game Developed by Team Monad and published by Team Monad

Developed by Team Monad and published by Team Monad

The second work following 'Monads', released in .

About Series

The ensemble about loneliness.

Inspired by classic SRPGs, "Monads" is a trilogy series that adds the charm of the story of colorful characters intertwining with their own views and worries to battle rules represented by tile-based turn-based battles.

This series is basically a 'Tactics' game. Among the various characters, You can find the effective combination for each stage environment, and the same character also have different powers depending on which abilities you choose within a certain constraint. In addition, there are various levels of difficulty, from 'Beginner' to 'Legend', to play games according to your preference. Anyone, ranging from users who want to appreciate the story without burden to strategy game enthusiasts who love special challenges, can play this.


There are three main characteristics that distinguish 'Monads' from other games that look similar.

First, units "retreat" before they die if enough damage accumulates. a parameter named 'Will' decreases depending on events in battle, such as being damaged or friendly units being removed. This will make the unit retreat easily. Of course units can die, if you don't give a chance to retreat and do a lot of damage. In this case, the vestige remains in the tiles and lowers the will of the surrounding units, regardless of if it is friendly or not. These will require deeper thought as the difficulty increases. And 'Will' also affects 'Morale', which is a shared resource needed to use Ultimate skills.

Secondly, it has the rules of puzzle game in macroscopic view. No random, so same behavior always leads to the same result, and you can revert and try different actions whenever you want. While encouraging new strategic attempts by players, the frustration from mistakes is intended to be minimized.

Finally, we completely ruled out meaningless repetition. The fastest way to grow a character and gain new abilities is to just follow the scenario. But players who enjoy new attempts and challenges can retry former stages with all characters. There is no reward for repeating same play, but providing additional skill points from higher difficulty reflects the 'aesthetics of challenge', core intention of this work.


Player will follow the path of the group divided into three groups.

Lucius, a typical hero who lost everything overnight in a conspiracy but tried to fight back and defend justice.

Deus, a mysterious sage who was considered the savior in part I, but tries to turn the crisis of being deprived of the means of counterattack and drifting abroad into an opportunity.

Noel, the head of the Royal Guards, who is on the side of the empire to make the world one, desperately hopes that this war and sacrifice will be the last tragedy in history.

Unlike the first part, in which each figure was in charge of a chapter, two conflicting characters per each groups are in charge of the narrative. However, it is the same that characters from different backgrounds, thoughts, and intentions influence each other and create a flow of events. We tried to give the expectations and joy of feeling the omniscient point of view of the performances of the characters struggling for the best he thought.

Monads II

Monads II video game Developed by Team Monad and published by Team Monad video screen

More about this game here.

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Lonely Wolf Treat

Lonely Wolf Treat video game by NomnomNami

Made by NomnomNami

LONELY WOLF TREAT is the heartwarming story of a wolf who moves into a town full of rabbits that are all very afraid of her, so she can't make any friends... until one little bunny bursts into her home, and decides to make her some delicious curry!

Main Cast

it's a - minute little game made in about weeks. there are no branching paths and it only has one ending. it's my first experience using rpgmaker, and also my first time doing the music!if you'd like to support me in making more games like this, check out mypatreon!thanks, please enjoy! CREDITS artstorymusic - NomnomNamispecial thanks totryph and Kayla Grimes for letting me borrow their OCs!translations Espanol-macafakeFrançais -DimirahDeutsch- Marcel WeyersPortuguês -Fah BracciniРусский -Kiba Chiукраїнська -RonDallas한국어 -KyleHeren日本語 -npckc简体中文- StrawIwaiภาษาไทย -black boardTiếng Việt -Nam HoàngTagalog - AugustMORE TREATGAMES:full series collection side stories and spinoffsUPDATES: - added tagalog translation - added brazillian portuguese translation - added spanish translation (it was hosted on tumblr until now) - added vietnamese translation (last updated ), and added little character profiles to the game page - added chinese translation (updated ) - added ukrainian translation - added russian translation - part is out! i also updated the soundtrack to be a bit higher quality. - FIXED JAPANESE VERSION SO NOW YOU CAN FINISH THE GAME I'M SO SORRY THAT IT WAS BROKEN FOR SO LONG I DIDN'T KNOW!!! - added japanese translation - added german translation - added thai translation (updated ) - small aesthetic update to match the sequels - the french translation is finished, too! - the korean translation is now available for download! (last updated )

Lonely Wolf Treat

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Cupid Story: First Date

Cupid Story: First Date video game Developed by Supernova Games and published by Supernova Games

Developed by Supernova Games and published by Supernova Games

Cupid Story is an RPG dating sim in the Cupid Island universe.

The cupid Noelia has a mission: get the human Daniel a girlfriend in days. Too bad he's got no talent at all to make her job easier.


Classical turn-based RPG battle system

Stronger relationships make for stronger characters

Unlock new skills as the story progresses

Dates are battles

Choose the right girlfriend for Daniel from unique girls

This game is a prologue, it features the first episode of the complete Cupid Story .

Cupid Story: First Date

Cupid Story: First Date video game Developed by Supernova Games and published by Supernova Games video screen

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Dungeon Conqueror

Dungeon Conqueror video game Developed by milhostudio and published by milhostudio

Developed by milhostudio and published by milhostudio


dungeons started to appear all over the world, and it is said that inside them you can find riches and magical powers.

Many adventurers entered the dungeons, for those who left, they were given a power similar to that of a final monster of the dungeon and for those who didn't, they were just forgotten.

Adventurers who get the power of the dungeon become conquerors and travel the world conquering more and more dungeons.


Dungeon Conqueror is a roguelite where you need to beat each dungeon to advance in the game.

buy weapons and armor, evolve your character, complete missions and defeat bosses to achieve the conqueror mode given by each boss.

Conqueror mode is the transformation obtained by the defeated boss's weapon. The weapon changes the player's form and gives him unique powers to advance in the game.

Dungeon Conqueror

Dungeon Conqueror video game Developed by milhostudio and published by milhostudio video screen

More about this game here.

I woke up next to you again.

I woke up next to you again. video game by angela he

Made by angela he

"Youd told me,

Hey, this is a one-time thing, and I said yeah, of course -

Yet here we are.

who, exactly, am I waking up next to?

A romance about a more-than-one-night stand;

A psychological thriller about toxic addiction.



Original dream-like graphics, sounds, and music

Available for Mac, Windows, Linux

Keyboard-only directions:

WASDarrow keys to select choice

Spaceenter to submit choice

Esc to pause


Where did my life go?" - Markiplier

I Woke Upis a powerful mirror for a very specific type of person." - Dan Starkey,Kotaku

It's short, yet packs dense emotions and thoughts into a few minutes of play." - Joel Couture, IndieGames

I got this idea and had to make it. Hope you enjoy

musictwitter tumblr

I woke up next to you again.

More about this game here.

Everyday Life Edengrall

Everyday Life Edengrall video game Developed by Fables of Laetus and published by Fables of Laetus

Developed by Fables of Laetus and published by Fables of Laetus

Before buying check out our free demo, it contains all the content the full version has.

You play as Adam, a retired adventurer, despite being an outsider and having no claims in the island, he is invited to live in Edengrall.

Despite going through hard times recently there is still a strong sense of community in the city, join the citizens of Edengrall and work hard to pay back for their hospitality!

Meet the Citizens

FeaturesCooking System [IMPLEMENTED] allows you to make your custom recipes using any viable ingredient for each recipe. Wanna make a banana and strawberry soup? you can! Every single one of the recipes are extremely flexible. If you find a good combination you can save your custom recipes and even share with other players by exporting it as XML files! And if balancing the different types of tastes, aromas and nutrients is too overwhelming for you, just use the recipe book which comes with sample recipes or import recipes from other players. Farming System [IMPLEMENTED] lets you build your fields anywhere as long as the land is not already owned by someone else. We use a flexible grid system which allows you to make fields in any angle and direction, placing plots close to already existing ones will put them in the same grid. We are planning different crop plot types and shapes allowing for extra freedom when creating your garden. Our special grass system will allow for large flower gardens and wheat fields in custom shapes. Faerie Helpers will give you a hand. After you unlock access to the Faeries you can manage their village and once you gain their trust they will start helping you in your farm. Do not underestimate Faerie magic, they are excellent helpers despite their size. Just make sure to prepare plenty sweets for them as payment, no one works for free! Livestock and Pets are going to be quite basic at first, but we want to expand this feature on later expansions, adding breeding (genes and inherited traits), butchering (meat!!!) and training. Edengrall Citizens [ MODELED] are mostly girls and many of them will be eligible for marriage, will you fall in love? or just stay as friends? We are planning for over characters, each with their own personality, tastes, responsibilities and tasks. We want to create more realistic and flexible behavior for our NPCs instead of fixed schedules. We are also planning to use artificial intelligence instead of scripted events. Our girls will remember previous events and actions, will comment on your development and will spread information organically by talking to each other. Fishing, Foraging and Insect Catching will be all be viable alternatives to farming, but nothing will stop you from doing all of those activities as long as you have time and stamina for all of them. While foraging and insect hunting will be quite simple, we have plans for a deeper fishing system. Building your home [PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED] is something you can do, but won't be required. At the start you will live in the INN, and will have to pay rent. Since you will be able to borrow the tavern kitchen there will not be many downsides to living in the INN forever, but if you want more freedom you will be able to build your own house. Just keep in mind that building near the city will require you to buy the land first and pay taxes monthly. Exploring the Island [ IMPLEMENTED] will be quite time consuming. We are planning a very large world and camping in the wild will be required if you venture too far. Make sure you take enough supplies, as there are survival mechanics in this game and you can die from hunger! Daily activities limited more by stamina than time, instead of following the common one real life second one ingame minute we will have a much longer day so you don't have to rush, and you can actually relax while playing. Regenerating stamina will require taking naps after eating and balanced meals will be very important to keep Adam working at full capacity, so keep an eye on nutritional value. Supply Demand Economy [PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED] Prices on good and services will be based on supply and demand. Each NPC will have needs and wants, and their purchases will be based on that. But demand can be created, if you want to sell a specific crop just make a good recipe that uses it and hand out some free samples! Trends and word of mouth will cause prices on all items to change, not just yours. Festivals of Prosperity will happen on the second and last week of each season, but only if the city has spare resources. If Edengrall does through hard times don't expect a cooking festival or feast in the end of the month. If the NPCs are not managing to get the festivals running you can donate resources and gain more voting power when the citizens are voting which will be the next festival.Other features like Alchemy, Combat, Mining and Dungeon diving are planned, but will be released later in expansions.

Everyday Life Edengrall

Everyday Life Edengrall video game Developed by Fables of Laetus and published by Fables of Laetus video screen

More about this game here.


Utopia video game Developed by Iconic Ideaz and published by Iconic Ideaz

Developed by Iconic Ideaz and published by Iconic Ideaz

In UTOPIA, players will spawn with absolutely nothing and have to craft, build and fight for survival against other players, and dangerous NPCs in an effort to survive.In the open world players must do whatever they can to SURVIVE. Resources are limited and only the strong will flourish by crafting the weapons and armor you need to dominate. Put your skills to the test against other players, form new squads or take the world on by yourself. UTOPIA is all about forward progression however the player may see fit.GAME FEATURESSURVIVALUTOPIA supports a beautifully handcrafted survival map to explore on dedicated servers with hundres or in private sessions with up to of your friends!BASE BUILDINGBuild your base or destroy that of your foes. UTOPIA is laced with a robust base building system.


Utopia video game Developed by Iconic Ideaz and published by Iconic Ideaz video screen

More about this game here.

Whispering Dream [ Full Release ] Horror

Whispering Dream [ Full Release ] Horror video game by Memo

Made by Memo


Aisly is a little boy who was having his sweet dream after a long time. Different from the usual, he was engaged in quite a realistic dream. As he goes, someone was trying to wake him up from his sleep...?



Game over CG

CG Illustrations

Bonus room


if you'd like to share the game or make a playthrough for it, do share it with us here too because we love seeing you guys playing the game we developed. Again, thank you for the support from everyone who was very enthusiastic throughout the demo. It really helped us make the game better.

Thanks to our Scriptwriters and Design Assistant

Mikine,SK - Aprilia ,Jemojaku


And Original ost title musicKashiwagi Dwi

ForWalkthrough - Whispering Dream [ Full Release ] Horror by Memo (itch.io)

Whispering Dream [ Full Release ] Horror

More about this game here.

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