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Once you finish school, life changes from a linear to an open world game.

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Capsa video game Developed by db.works

Developed by db.works

Capsa combines exploration with a strong social component. It features a large, rich open-world that players can explore and discover together with other players and friends.

Ever-expanding character customization offers you the freedom to create something unique, expressing your personality and taste.

Expansive world provides the perfect landscape for hours of exploration. Capsas initial game world has been designed to submerse players in an exotic, beautiful south Pacific archipelago.

Evolving and ever-growing selection of customizable vehicles allow players to explore Capsas many trails, caves, and waterways.

Vibrant dance clubs provide the perfect venue for everyone to enjoy music while strutting their stuff on the dance-floor or just hanging out together.

Personalized homes can be claimed and decorated using the variety of options available.

Friendly pets tag along on every adventure and can be tailored to appeal to players tastes.


Capsa video game Developed by db.works video screen

More about this game here.

National Parks Tycoon - The Park Building Management Game

National Parks Tycoon - The Park Building  Management Game video game by Citrus2D

Made by Citrus2D

NATIONAL PARKS TYCOON - The Park Building Management Game


Early Access expected Q4 2022

National Parks Tycoon is a park building construction, management tycoon game where you take on the role of a National Park Manager and try your best to turn a pristine bit of nature into a profitable park. How you go about achieving that is very much up to you. Do you want your park to have a lot of tourists, do you want to preserve nature, do you want to raise livestock, do you want to build property. All this and more is included in this Park Building Tycoon Game

Follow the Game here on itch to get the latest news.

Produced By Citrus2D

I am currently looking for donations to help with dev costs.

A Big thank you to all those who have donated so far.

You can donate any amount when you download the 2021 Demo.

Read about development here and see what will be coming soon.Game Features Visit the Official Website For An Overview of the Game Park Building Creative Fun in a stunning 3D world Park management of resources, shops,outlets and staffGenerate Custom Proceduraly maps from tiny up to massiveRange of difficulty settings and challanges to faceCreate the park of your dreams and share it with friendsManage your parks power, crops, livestock, trees, retail and property4 livestock options, cows, pigs, sheep and chickens (more coming)16 crop varieties (trees and veg with lots more planned)Watch as your park grows to maturity, yes, trees grow.Unlimited save slots for your maps and 48 mission mapsRange of map options, from solid land mass, custom creation and moreWatch out for forest fires and weather events which can damage your parkSet up CCTV to monitor your park and catch trouble makersBuild statues and other park attractions for your park touristsInclude a park theme and have monuments added into your custom mapsAdd in Greek, Stone Age, Egyptian And Aztec MonumentsBring your UE4 National Parks Maps Into The latest VersionFollow the game here on itch to be kept informed of release, early access, development progress, testing opportunities and more.Citrus2D Game Dev Channel on YoutubeUE4 maps will load into the newer UE5 version of the game. When it is releasedyou can load up any of your favourite UE4 maps and enjoy the many improvements the UE5 version offers. To find out more read the topic hereA Big Thank you to all those who have shown their support for this project.I hope you like the updates to this park building and construction game.Above: Check out the lastest dev with proceduraly generated bridges for your parksAbout The Game And Its DevelopmentLots more to come as development progresses into 2022. The style of the game is going to include a cross between a cartoon stylised approach and a graphic novel. I think it should look pretty cool when its all done. This will of course be an optional look and a clean cartoon like basic look to the game will be its default.Above: WinterSpring

National Parks Tycoon - The Park Building Management Game

More about this game here.

Pandas Bridge

Pandas Bridge video game Developed by Invision Technogoies and published by Invision Technogoies

Developed by Invision Technogoies and published by Invision Technogoies

Pandas Bridge is a 2D open world adventure game where you play as a Panda to

solve the mystery of what has been going on inside the woods. As you venture

further eventually the mystery is unravelled as you tread further to find out what's

been going on.

Run, Jump, Swim through this action packed adventure with rich graphics and interesting characters.

explore each new level in this puzzle solving point and click adventure.

Pandas Bridge

Pandas Bridge video game Developed by Invision Technogoies and published by Invision Technogoies video screen

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BLACK ACE video game Developed by Tuning Mania and published by Tuning Mania

Developed by Tuning Mania and published by Tuning Mania

Competitive multiplayer match with vehicles and arcade elements that makes the gameplay unpredictable. Select and customize your operators and your weapons. Choose a strategy to win in a open map. Became a master of all game modes. Create your clan and level up until the BLACK ACE level!

BLACK ACE is characterized by competitive, adrenaline and funny matchs up to 20 players that challenge each other at the same time. Choose between different game modes from the classic to the original ones. The open map push you and your team to choose carefully the strategy to win. Exploit different types of vehicles to surprise your opponent. Your team can shoot from Helicopters and land vehicles. Kill enemy in a row to unlock Kill Streak like UAV or Helicopter IA. Choose from third person or first person in realtime during the gameplay. Level up, gain coins and buy your weapons. Customize them to improve their potential. Customize your operator and create a clan where gather your mates.

Becomes the new BLACK ACE.


BLACK ACE video game Developed by Tuning Mania and published by Tuning Mania video screen

More about this game here.


LOST BETWEEN video game by Isolated Studio

Made by Isolated Studio



Good-bye for now...(2022)After many years of developing this game alone.. I got to understanding that I cannot spare my free time to make this game due to it is not getting me any "feedback"!so I decided to take all my 15 levels I made and all this work. and just sit and relax.. it will be on steam because it is my dream to make my own game.. but I do not have to be limited in time.. and so I decided to take my time and release it anytime I want!so for now I will be focused on my own life and problem! when and if I will have bigger audience and feedback I will get back on track! so for now.. stay safe and strong people!I will soon start A fundraiser so stay tuned :)A LOST BETWEENA girl with unknown name wakes up after a nightmare to understand that it was reality, but the reality is no better than the nightmare she went through and therefore moves between the two to understand what is what.Her only clues are that she remembers where the girl's 15 mothers who raised her were.And goes out in search of one father who would always kidnap her and hide her from the world and not treat her well.nightmare after nightmare now she is trying to solve the last riddle, what is right and what is notAs an environment artist, it is very important to me, to create dark atmosphere and isolated feel!The game maps isopen for exploration , that is not solely dependent on the story. The game is not linear... of course it is possible to "speed-run" but that is already the player's way of playing.The game was built to explore every corner and house .. The map is relatively open but you can understand where it is possible to explore and where not.Game status: updated more since the demo.. thinking of releasing updated demo..


More about this game here.


BENS WORLD video game Developed by BEN'S GAMES and published by BEN'S GAMES

Developed by BEN'S GAMES and published by BEN'S GAMES

The latest game from Ben Blackett

There are 5 experiences to visit the ice palace a land of ice a graphic journey through ice lands, A Museum where you will see truly beautiful art and along with the graphics this is a must play map out of the five that will be first introduced. Also there is a canyon open world map where you will be able to see the massive cliffs and along with the sounds you will be having a very relaxing experience. One other map is where you will be stranded in a mine but you might as well go look at the pretty gems that blur you when you see how bright they are. The gems are very pretty when you see them in person. The Main Point of this game is to explore these beautiful places I have made. And I don't want to spoil it all for you so what you waiting for go and install and play the game today.

Some key features of this game


Areas to explore

Open worlds



BENS WORLD video game Developed by BEN'S GAMES and published by BEN'S GAMES video screen

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Stardust Origins

Stardust Origins video game Developed by Nikolaj Piet Pagh and published by PetskullGames

Developed by Nikolaj Piet Pagh and published by PetskullGames

Stardust Origins is a story driven 2D topdown space adventure with RPG elements and a mining management game. You're not in space, you're on the actual planets. Trade, explore, do quests, survive, mine and fight in an expanding procedurally generated universe where each planet is unique and you'll encounter alien species, friends and foe. Find your way back home, to confront your deceitful father.

Whether you will embark on being an explorer, a miner, a trader or a pirate, you will encounter hostile ships and fights are unavoidable. Use your ship and your upgrades to your advantage, protecting your life and whats precious to you.

As you've hurled into unknown space by your father, every system and planet is ready to be explored. Each planet is unique and offers a vast variety of lifeforms and places to visit.

Every planet is populated with space stations, where you can trade anything your heart desire. Ordinary items, rare artifacts and alien technology. All is up for sale. Buy new and better ships, all with numerous upgrades to suit your play style.

One of the better ways to increase your wealth is to deploy and manage planetary mines. In the hands of an effective crew, your mines will generate a lot of ore to be sold on markets.

The dispute

A dispute with your father hurled you into unknown space and you are now in an unknown part of the universe. Can you find your way home and seek revenge?

Procedurally generated expanding 2D universe

Compelling story with main quests and side quests

Over one thousand different types of ships available. All with numerous upgrades to suit your play style.

Interact with a lot of different NPC's both humanoid and alien

Help local enforcement in keeping planets safe

Stock market - Buy and sell shares to increase your wealth

Trade in ore, cargo, live stock and passengers

Mine asteroids or planet surfaces to find rare and unique minerals

Build and maintain mining stations for other supplies of ore

Trader. Buy and sell commodities between systemsPassenger carrier. Transfer passengers between systemLivestock hauler. Move livestock carefully from system to systemPirate. Attack traders and ferries and loot them for their commodities, avoid the local law enforcementMiner. Mine ore and find rare gems and minerals. Establish mining operations on planetsExplorer. Discover new star systems, reveal the story of an ancient alien race and try to find your way home

Stardust Origins

Stardust Origins video game Developed by Nikolaj Piet Pagh and published by PetskullGames video screen

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Ballad of Birds

Ballad of Birds video game by Mehrdad Dehdashti

Made by Mehrdad Dehdashti

Use musical instruments to rebuild the world!

On a journey to find the legendary being known as Simorgh, all the birds have lost their way in the island of despair. Through your music, guide them back on their path to their beloved Simorgh.

Inspired by The Conference of the Birds

Made in 10days for the Global Game Jam!

Follow Our Team:

Programming, Design: Mehrdad Dehashti

Design, 2D Art: Aria Mohebi

Character Art, Animation: Thuy Linh Tran

Environment Art:Aida Nalbandabbasi

Sound Designer, Composer:Siavash Kaveh

Ballad of Birds

More about this game here.

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