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If society worked like an MMORPG game where for every quest you completed you got money or items, then the whole world would probably be thriving and become more active..

On the other hand...

You can play any of the mmorpg games that follow and have loads of fun. So, go on!

World Nations Game

World Nations Game video game Developed by SCLITIFY IT and published by SCLITIFY IT

Developed by SCLITIFY IT and published by SCLITIFY IT

World Nations Game is an online MMO game in which you can have your own virtual life. You can join a nation, buy vehicles, items, properties, open a political party, fight in international battlefields, participate in races, take part in special agent fights between agents from other countries, attack other citizens space colonies on any country map, be a nation senator or president, be part of the world congress, vote on nation issues and you can do many other activities.

Upon joining World Nations Game the player starts his life as a citizen and is assigned to a virtual country citizenship based on his choice from when joined the game. Each of these countries are named after an actual country in the real world. Once started the game a citizen also has assigned his own space colony in his country teritory that he can use to produce items and attack other citizens colonies.

World Nations Game tends to be a combined version of the real world with the fun of a game where citizens can play the game and also follow the footsteps of world politics where anyone can be a country senator or country president and they are chosen by direct vote from other citizens. The government of a country is also part of the international World Congress which is the governing body of the world.

Training, working, fighting in wars, attacking other player space colonies and taking part in races is done on a daily basis. One of the main drawing points of the game is that it has all features of a game like multiplayer with rpg part and strategy included so you can have fun in many ways and most importantly you decide the time you want to invest in it and what you want to do as an activity inside the game.

World Nations Game

World Nations Game video game Developed by SCLITIFY IT and published by SCLITIFY IT video screen

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Illarion video game by Illarion e.V.

Made by Illarion e.V.

Illarion - Carve yourself a new life

Illarion is an online game where genuine role playing is enforced. The main design principle is a focus on the interaction with other players. All the player characters you will encounter during your time here are living, breathing inhabitants of the mysterious world of Illarion. Each character has its own past, goals, strengths, flaws and personality. Experience glorious adventures as noble knight or live the life of a hardworking craftsman, acquisitive merchant or charismatic priest of the gods.

Illarion - What role will you play? Download now and start your adventure!

The World Illarion

A mature high fantasy setting where elves meet orcs is placed in a persistent, open world with tangible lore. Sixteen gods are worshipped by the citizens of three factions. Noble Cadomyr, wealthy Galmair or wise Runewick - whose side will you join?

Your Adventure

The decisions you take will impact and shape the world around you. Your actions will determine the events that one day fill the pages of Illarion's history books. Immerse yourself and let your character become what you want.

Free and open source

Illarion is free to play without any cost. The game is run by a non-profit organisation and is maintained by a staff of highly motivated volunteers without financial reimbursement. The client, server and game code is open source and released under the licences GPLv3 and AGPLv3.

No limits

Your character won't be locked inside a fixed class design like most MMORPGs do. You'll be able to sculpt your own character and its destiny is limited only by your choices, imagination, and game rules. The game features a skill-based levelling system, allowing players to compel their own unique gaming experience.

Immersive mechanics

The game mechanics employed keep the balance between complexity, innovation and motivation of players. Illarion shows a classic, slow-paced gameplay with isometric retro graphics while still using modern technologies.

For further information and help, please join our Discord server!


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World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack video game Developed by Lotus Innovations and published by Lotus Innovations

Developed by Lotus Innovations and published by Lotus Innovations

World Wide Hack is an MMO simulation game about realistic hacking and cybersecurity for the Web, PC, and Mac. You hack into the leaked system of QuanTech company and, with other hackers, reveal their secrets while exploring experimental open-world networks.

Manipulate corporations' and inhabitants' lives by hacking their computers, observe the consequences of your actions and decide if you want to protect or exploit this world.

Collect the most effective sets of hacking and security tools, gather assets, and improve your computer to hack others, control parts of the network, or create the best websites and tools which will help other hackers and make you rich! Work with others to make your experimental activities useful for your faction and lead with them the world in the right direction.

Find out how easily some can manipulate many and how powerful but dangerous control over the information can be...

The game is in early access, so please be aware that the game still requires lots of bug fixing, polishing, and content and mechanics of the game can change. Currently, only Windows, Linux, and Web are supported. Later will be added Mac support.

Key Features


Real-life hacking and security tools which are authentic yet modified to be fun and created with several options to strategize


Use your power to manipulate the life of the game characters and corporates, which have various problems and stories and, in the end, affect the world balance.


Engaging main story and mini-stories in quests bring the player new perspectives on world problems. Discover different views of two factions, finding unique pieces with every gameplay.


From the first contact with the QuanTech application, you are pulled into a realistic atmosphere of the corporate environment and their secret quantum experiments, where nothing breaks your immersion.


Full of puzzles in competitive and cooperative quests, playable in both multiplayer and solo-like gameplay. You will decide if you will involve in PvP and area control fights


Experience living futuristic IT world emphasizing the importance of cybersecurity. Find yourself surrounded by other players passionate about technological progress and innovations, learning about the impact of technology on modern society.

Join our Discord community here: https:discord.ggMpy9hbR

World Wide Hack

World Wide Hack video game Developed by Lotus Innovations and published by Lotus Innovations video screen

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In Next Life

In Next Life video game Developed by Dual Decade and published by Wereviz AB

Developed by Dual Decade and published by Wereviz AB

In next Life is a crafting, survival, and civilisation building game, where collaboration with other players gives you very real advantages (it is possible to play alone, but it will be harder to survive). Your technology level starts at stone age level, and then it's up to you and your village members to invent and craft tools and technologies such as fire, baskets, spears, ..., in order to survive easier and to advance to new development stages. Time moves quickly and each game played equals one life, including birth, childhood, adulthood and old age.

The goal of each life is to contribute as much as possible to the survival and development of your village, children and future descendants. What you leave behind will be the foundation for others to keep building on. The flint spear you invented one life, could turn out to be the difference between survival and annihilation for your whole civilisation. There are hundreds of objects you can craft, collect, cook, and eat. We intend to add at least 1,000 more during the Early Access period.

You start most lives as a baby, who has to have help from adults to survive the first few minutes. Then you age and become an adult yourself (and may have other players as children). If you are skillful, you may be able to live until old age before you die. If not, then you can just try again. This is a survival game where it is fine to die now and then (sometimes your tribe's survival may depend on your sacrifice...). You can always experience more "In Next Life"!

In the grand scheme of things, you are an immortal spirit who loves everything about mortal life and wants to learn and experience as much as possible. You start by living the early stages of human civilization, then as your skills and knowledge grows, new ages of civilization will open up. No matter what stage of civilization you find yourself, it will always be valuable to collaborate with other players. That's how you and the civilisation you are part of evolve most efficiently. The experiences you gain while living accumulate over all your lives, and will allow you to improve your crafting skills and become a more valuable tribe member.

In Next Life

In Next Life video game Developed by Dual Decade and published by Wereviz AB video screen

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Chatventures video game by Sokpop Collective

Made by Sokpop Collective

chatventures is a text-adventure MMORPG

you travel through a fantasy world where you interact with every thing through text commands such as:

punch, you can punch enemies and other players! you'll learn more attacks later as well

look, look around to see where you can travel to which NPCs you can talk to or which objects you can check out!

go to, you can go to different areas. each area is its own chat room.

honk, play the sokpop honk sound for everyone in the same room!


50 text commands to uncover (some are hidden in plain sight!)

50 areas to explore

90 different items to find

30 enemies to fight

20 NPCs to talk to

15 quests

character creation :D

warning before playing!!

the game generates a password for you so you silly people don't use your real passwords! be sure to remember what that password is!!!

made for theSokpop Patreon

cover art made by Lisa Mantel:https:www.instagram.compatatjes4life


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Toram Online

Toram Online video game Developed by Asobimo, Inc. and published by Asobimo, Inc.

Developed by Asobimo, Inc. and published by Asobimo, Inc.

Toram Online, the popular smartphone game, is now available on Steam!

Enjoy Toram Online on your big computer screen without having to worry about your data usage or battery!

Unrestricted character creations!

With more than 500 billion combinations available, feel free to create your own character to your liking!

Sword? Magic? Anything you like!

Profession", which is often the case with MMORPG, does not exist in Toram. Sword? (Magic) Staff? Bow? Halberd? Feel free to decide your own fighting style!

Build Train your character to your heart's content!

Equipped with a "Skill Tree" system enabling players to enhance and strengthen their characters as they wish.

Create combos and discover your own battle style!

Changeable weapons and equipment color!

You can color your favorite weapon with the color you like when you obtain equipment with a "Color Info"!

Moreover, you can freely create the abilities of your equipment as you proceed further with the game...!

Go on an adventure with your friends across the country!

RPG (MMORPG) that can be played and connects you with your friends online across the country!

The powerful monster that you fail to beat on your own could possibly be knocked down by forming a party with your friends! Let's explore the vast and beautiful 3D world with many friends!

Party play even by yourself!

You can even enjoy party play when you are playing alone by borrowing and battling together with other player's character known as "mercenary" or by summoning a "partner" from your own sub-characters!

Story Setting

Decades ago, the world was hit by a devastating catastrophe, crumbling the ground into pieces. The gods quickly gathered the pieces scattered in all directions and hurriedly put them together. The result, a bizarre looking world resembling a mosaic.

The nation that was originally there had ceased to exist. As a result of repeated clashes of principles and interests among the 4 tribes, the people split into 4 factions.

At such times, an adventurer (you) came to this peculiar world.

The adventurer (you) goes through a series of adventures while meeting various people belonging to the 4 factions in the world to confront the secretly proliferating mysteries behind it......

Service performance and availability are not guaranteed when

Devices do not meet the recommended system requirements

Virtual machines or emulators are being used

VPN(Virtual Private Network) is being used

Toram Online

Toram Online video game Developed by Asobimo, Inc. and published by Asobimo, Inc. video screen

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Battle Life Online

Battle Life Online video game Developed by Matthias Gechter and published by Matthias Gechter

Developed by Matthias Gechter and published by Matthias Gechter

Battle Life Online is a new 3D open World FPS TPS PvP-RP Social-Hub Racing Mining multiplayer computer game set in a fictional present with sci-fi elements that offer players an open game world where it is entirely up to them to decide what to do, as well as when to do it.

Explore the 64km island, which is divided into 4 different climate zones. With its lush meadows, dense forests, vast desert, or hot tropics, there is a lot to do and discover while interracting simultaneously withother real players.

For this, you get many different vehicles at your disposal, to get fast and "safe?", from A to B, to attain your objectives.

Go your way as an outlaw or take part in adventures and events together with your friends in a group.

Experience a unique and dynamic open world PvP-system, which leads to tense situations.

Are you a helpful savior of those in need?

Or the rebel who knows no mercy?

It's up to you.

Civilians, Rebels, Cops, Techs, Weapons, Cars and the dear Money...

Collect Fight Earn Win

Battle Life Online

Battle Life Online video game Developed by Matthias Gechter and published by Matthias Gechter video screen

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Entasy Online

Entasy Online video game by Entasy

Made by Entasy

Entasy Online RPG

Welcome to Entasy Online adventurer!

Entasy is a fantastic world that has been attacked by creatures. Your goal is saving Entasy World from these creatures and become a hero! Natives of Entasy World needs you.


It is a multiplayer game that you may get quests from the characters to accomplish. You will get stronger equipment by defeating creatures in time. You can also buy and sell items on market to get gold or spend. Entasy Online is being developed by just 1 developer and it is currently in early access version.


You need a stable internet connection to play Entasy Online. It is recommended to use Wifi to get new game updates.

Rules and Privacy Policy

There are some rules to keep Entasy Online a good game for everyone. You can read our privacy policy here: support by email: entasyonlinegmail.com

Play it on your browser: Online can be downloaded for Androidon Google Play:

is a trademark of Google LLC.

Google Play and the Google Play logo are trademarks of Google LLC.

Entasy OnlineDiscord Serverand the Discord logo are trademarks of Discord, Inc.Entasy OnlineCopyright 2021-2022, All Rights Reserved. All works are used under their proper licenses and agreements for a commercial purpose.Made by Enes in Game Maker Studio 2

Entasy Online

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