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I love that Christmas is directly tied to sweet treats like candy canes and gumdrops.

I need a good excuse for my candy consumption problems.

On another note...

Gaining weight over the holidays is maybe a little TOO easy to do these days.

Oh well, that's a risk most of us are willing to take.


Some of the crazy Christmas games that follow are likely to follow you around. You'll have to play them sooner or later - best to start now!

Anime Jigsaw Girls - Christmas

Developed by DIG Publishing and published by DIG Publishing Anime Jigsaw Girls - Christmas

Developed by DIG Publishing and published by DIG Publishing

Challenging jigsaw puzzles, featuring sexy anime girls in Christmas decors. Relaxing background music to match the theme and mood.


12 different puzzles to solve

Timer, to see how long it takes to solve a puzzle

Gallery where you can view all the puzzle images you have solved.

Be among our most engaged players to achieve a top spot in our Leaderboards and unlock various achievements.

Anime Jigsaw Girls - Christmas

Anime Jigsaw Girls - Christmas

More about this game here.

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Christmas Slots - Casino Game

Developed by Boogygames Studios and published by Boogygames Studios Christmas Slots - Casino Game

Developed by Boogygames Studios and published by Boogygames Studios

Do you love playing slots? Welcome to the amazing Christmas Slots - Casino Game! Spin slot machines and win amazing jackpots!

Enjoy all the fun of Christmas Slots - Casino Game, with the greatest collection of slot machines.

Spin your favorite virtual slots directly from your home! Come and play virtual slots and go for the Jackpot!

Christmas Slots gives you:

Free coins to get you started!

Free coins every day

10 games: 3x5, 3x3, 4x5, 3x5 243 Ways, 1-2-3-2-1, 3x3 Bonus Game, 3x5 Jackpot , 3x5 Hold, 2-3-4-3-2, 4x5 1024 Ways

Scatter, Bonus, Wild, Free Spin, and Jackpot symbols functionality

Daily Reward and Daily Spin

Beautifully animated slots

Christmas Slots - Casino Game

Christmas Slots - Casino Game

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Game Theory At Christmas

Developed by ไธ้‡่ฆ Game Theory At Christmas

Developed by ไธ้‡่ฆ

โœฑThis game requires internet to play normally

The English of this game is made with Google Translate. My apologies.

In order to participate in the game competition, let's make a game with the theme of Game Theory. Originally thought so, but due to various complicated reasons. In the end it became a spoof game.

Because the game operation method is very intuitive and simple, I wonโ€™t introduce it here.

The game contains a total of six non-zero sum games:

1. Guess the mean 2/3

Enter a number from 0 to 100 .The one who enters the number closest to the average 2/3 of all peopleโ€™s numbers will get 1,000 coins.

2. Dollar auction

Enter a price of 0~1000 to bid for some coins. The person who bid the highest price wins the bid, but everyone has to pay their bid.

3. Traveler's dilemma

Enter a number from 0 to 2,000 coins. The one who enters the smallest number will get the same amount of money.

4. Prisoner's dilemma

All members cooperate, all get 1,000 coins, one betray, traitors get 500 coins, plural betray, all lose 500 coins.

5. Free rider problem

Choose ignore or resist, ignore loss of 300 coins, resist loss of 1,000 coin and terminate the round.

6. Ultimatum Game

Enter 0~500 twice to decide how much money distributed to others. If someone refuses to distribute, you will lose 1,000 coins.

The game will revolve around the above game. The accumulated star coins or snow coins can be used to upgrade characters. Each character can have different effects according to the level. Only by fulfilling the conditions of the level can you advance the plot, so you need to adopt a strategy that can meet the conditions of the level without losing too many star coins and snow coins.

Some levels require the character to reach a certain level to pass the level, so when you are stuck in a level, you can replay the previous level and accumulate star coins to upgrade your character.

Game Theory At Christmas

Game Theory At Christmas

More about this game here.

Amazing Chicken Adventures ๐Ÿ”

Developed by Piotr Rochala and published by Piotr Rochala Amazing Chicken Adventures ๐Ÿ”

Developed by Piotr Rochala and published by Piotr Rochala

Explore the world from a perspective of a Chicken! Feel the eggcitement (sic!) in this physics-based 3D platformer and embark on an adventure to save the world - one egg at the time.

Collect eggs and special treasures, wear hats and use chicken inappropriate tools like chainsaw to cut your way through the jungle. Solve puzzles and test your skills in an exciting co-op!


Physics based game environment - because gravity hurts

Explorable game world - with different biomes to experience: Farmland, Jungle, Desert & Arctic

Wearable HATS!

Tools to interact with the world - from watering can to a chainsaw

Puzzles to solve - good for brains and thumbs

Full Controller support

Split screen cooperative and versus Co-op!


Wield a variety of mighty tools, chase after falling eggs, discover how different items interact with each other and affect the environment.


Enjoy the slow paced relaxing levels and when you're done, dive into action where you'll get challenged by the cute environment.


Interact with falling object, push things out of the way and feel the hurt, many, many times over, as the gravity mercilessly pulls you to the ground.


Quack-it-out on an ice rink and challenge a friend to some ice hockey in this split-screen, fast-paced co-op mode. With more eggciting co-op modes planned in the future free patches.


The Chicken Adventure only starts here. Where does the Chicken go next?

Other features I would like to pursue given the success of the Early Launch:

Multiplier! To allow more players interact with the world and go on adventure together.

More minigames covering different sports/activities

Other competitive modes (race, capture-the-egg, destroy enemies egg etc)

Seasonal/Themed levels and planets to explore - i.e. Halloween planet, Toys planet, Christmas planet etc.

Chest to store items near the farm

Farming elements

Amazing Chicken Adventures ๐Ÿ”

Amazing Chicken Adventures

More about this game here.

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