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You can play any of the dungeon rpg games that follow and have loads of fun. So, go on!

The Oracle Land

The Oracle Land video game Developed by The Oracle Land and published by The Oracle Land

Developed by The Oracle Land and published by The Oracle Land

The Oracle Land" is a 3D fantasy MMOARPG, set in the magnificent story, enjoy a journey of mission in the western fantasy world.

Magnificent background

Through the protagonists perspective, enjoy a journey of mission in the Western fantasy world;

Full view 3D big map

Character buildings are full of three-dimensional, giving players the most realistic swimming e

Epic adventures

Players will trigger adventure clues anytime and anywhere, dig deeper into the NPC stories in the clues, and get surprise partners;

Multiple weapons freely match

Combat any combination of combat skills, challenge different bosses with different combat styles, awaken the second personality, and unlock the ultimate combat skills;

Realistic and romantic socializing

The brand-new social method is perfectly integrated with the game, and you can express your personal preferences by swiping.

The Oracle Land

The Oracle Land video game Developed by The Oracle Land and published by The Oracle Land video screen

More about this game here.

More Like This

Dream of Dungeon

Dream of Dungeon video game by Sleepless Seven

Made by Sleepless Seven

UPDATE 2016-12-15 (version 1.02)

improved performance, fixed screen tearing glitches, fixed sounds being played too often, added some small visual and audio details, better hit feedback, nicer screen transitions and various bugfixes

UPDATE 2016-10-11 (version 1.01)

Sorry for the glitches, I just uploaded a quick patch 1.01 to fix duplicate player sprite issues!

A small scale action rpg roguelike for gbjam. You will explore menacing dungeons in your dreams, and choose your activities during the day wisely to influence your progression the following dungeon-filled night.


X - dash move

Z - attack

ENTER - confirm choice in daytime screen

Dream of Dungeon

More about this game here.

Void Arena

Void Arena video game Developed by sad_gandalf and published by sad_gandalf

Developed by sad_gandalf and published by sad_gandalf

Void Arena is a Fantasy FPS which features an elegant ARPG combat system in the place of gunplay. Skills and classes traditionally played from the isometric perspective are thrilling to experience in first person. Wield magic and steel against your enemies in single and multiplayer action.

INFINITE RIFTEndless Wave ModeDefeat endless waves and unlock power ups as you explore hand crafted mapsGain new skills level up charactersSTORY MODE(not yet available)Single Player and COOP adventure mode4 Act StoryGain new skills level up charactersARENAFree for all Team MultiplayerGame modes include: Kill the Man with the Ball, Capture the point, DeathmatchGain new skills level up charactersVoid Arena is a passion project of a single developer who sometimes gets help from friends. A free demo will be available on this page up until launch serving as an open alpha. If you would like to support the game, please download it and provide as much feedback as you can via the forums. Wishlists help as well! )

Void Arena

Void Arena video game Developed by sad_gandalf and published by sad_gandalf video screen

More about this game here.


MEARTH video game Developed by Aykut Akdag and published by Aykut Akdag

Developed by Aykut Akdag and published by Aykut Akdag


Enter a universe filled with dark brutal enemies and environments. Players will enter a legendary and magical atmosphere with faster gameplay and heavier combat experience. Players will be play by the immersive gameplay and graphics.

Key Features:

It is an RPG game consisting of 4 seasons.The main character of the game is Asteria

Travel to different maps and different fantasy realms.

With a story never heard before, it is story mode single player game

Get ready for a RPG game that you will enjoy in the full of challenging challenges.

It has atmosphere, high graphics and advanced combat mechanics that will keep you in the game.

Help fight and finish the story together with magical weapons and special abilities.

Do not forget about portals and passages.

About Character

The main character of the game is Asteria.She is the princess of the Virtuous Kingdom. Asteria is also a warrior with powerful and magical abilities.The king saw his daughter's talent for magic and her desire to be a warrior at a young age.That's why he sent his daughter to be trained by wise mages and ancient warriors.She is now a mighty warrior and owner of the ancient Magus Axe.

Magus Axe

The axe was crafted a long time ago by enchanting it with a rare metal underground with the help of mages.The power of this axe varies according to the characteristics and will of the person who owns it.While Asteria using this axe, opened portals with its , allowing him to travel and become stronger while fighting. Also, asteria can throw the axe far away and call it back at will.

About War

After Asteria's training was over, she returned to the Virtuous Kingdom.She saw the kingdom under occupation.Dragos and his army had already invaded the kingdom.She saw Dragos and fought it, but she failed.Dragos opened a dimension and sent her to the continent of Goselia.The continent is a continent ruled by the king of Dragos.Asteria has not heard from her father.

Cave guarded by Dragos' guards

Asteria opened her eyes in a cave. In the cave, the creatures created by the magician Dragos with black magic protect the cave. A cave is a large cave with no exit to the earth.The cave has a portal passage and a sarcophagus containing a magical power.

After losing the fight to Asteria against Dragos, the effect of the Magus Ax waned. When he opened his eyes in the cave, his ax lost its portal ability.She wants to avenge and re-establish her kingdom.

Help Asteria in this adventure.


MEARTH video game Developed by Aykut Akdag and published by Aykut Akdag video screen

More about this game here.


RogueSweeper video game by Bacioiu Ciprian

Made by Bacioiu Ciprian

Update: 22 - 07 - 2017:

A new build of Roguesweeper has been uploaded. Fixes a few crashes and sound problems on Windows.

RogueSweeper is a mashup between a roguelike and a minesweeper game. Tap to reveal tiles, monsters, traps or items. Tap (or click) your way to the bottom of the infinite dungeon. How far can you go?

The game has a level scaling system that requires you to manage your XP. Will you buy that health potion and lose your current level or will you risk tapping on that monster?

Stats (Str and Evasion) scale with your level. Note that you can lose your current level by spending XP in the shop. Combat happens by tapping on an enemy. Destroying a monster will award you with food and maybe a free item!


5 items that can heal, feed, reveal the map and enemies and increase your stats,

8 enemies

In-Game shop that allows you to buy items with your XP

Generated dungeons with items, monsters and traps

No end in sight! Delve deeper and deeper

Available for Windows and Android

Want the source code? It's on github (MIT licensed). Want more info on the game, rules, items and enemies? Download the manual. It's free. Want to check out what games I've worked on before? Check out the portfolio on my website.

I initially made the game during Global Game Jam 2015. This is the post-jam version. I priced it at 1.30, which is how much a beer costs in my country. So buy me a beer and play my take on a casual roguelike.


More about this game here.

Darza's Dominion

Darza's Dominion video game Developed by Ripple Studio and published by Ripple Studio

Developed by Ripple Studio and published by Ripple Studio

The Dominion takes no prisoners! Fight for your survival in the unforgiving terrains that surround you, strengthen your hero through slaying the dangerous creatures, gather a group of allies to multiply your strength, and bring the battle to Darza!As a cooperative bullet-hell MMORPG, Darzas Dominion is a fast-paced game centered around being ready to dodge as many projectiles that can fit on the screen at once; the harder the difficulty, the more insane everything gets. Youre going to have to hope your reaction time is up to the test!Taking back the Dominion is all about teamwork. Thankfully for you, all of your closest (and farthest!) friends can help you out! Group up in the Tavern, form a Guild, or just find them in the Dominion and take on the toughest challenges the game has to offer.FAST-PACED GAMEPLAYFace off against foes in a 2D orthographic roguelike featuring permadeath mechanics in a speedy bullet hell environment.UNIQUE CHARACTER CLASSESDiscover the full power of seven class abilities by looting special gear capable of leveling the playing field.RANDOMLY GENERATED UNIQUE DUNGEONSChallenge the dungeon bosses of the Dominion in their own individually created stages and make it out alive.INTENSE BOSS FIGHTSEngage in battles against an expanding roster of bosses boasting different phases and collect loot along the way to upgrade your characters.MULTIPLAYER ONLINE BULLET-HELLUtilize your character classes and work together against Darza and his minions by fighting alongside dozens of players at any time against the perils that await you in the Dominion.VIBRANT PLAYER-BASED ECONOMYSell and buy your way up to the top by bartering with other players in an economic environment controlled by players just like you.

Darza's Dominion

Darza's Dominion video game Developed by Ripple Studio and published by Ripple Studio video screen

More about this game here.


Anuchard video game Developed by stellarNull and published by Freedom Games

Developed by stellarNull and published by Freedom Games

Anuchard. It was known as a place of wonder and peace, a land of limitless bounty suspended in the heavens above. Five ancient Guardians kept it safe from all harm... Until they turned on the kingdom and its denizens. The Anuchardian paradise fell from the skies, crashing onto the surface of the world below. Only a tiny speck of an island survived the fall intact. The rest coalesced into a twisted mass of winding passages, wild magic, and vicious monsters, known simply as The Dungeon. Somewhere within, the five treasonous Guardians lay asleep.Generations passed as the few survivors eked out an existence in the Orchard, the sole village on the island, maintaining what little remains of Anuchardian magic. Farmers tend to the fields, scavengers try to pick the bones of the kingdom in the Dungeon. All await the Chosen One, the Bellwielder who will take up the Audros Bell, enter the Dungeon, and wake the Guardians from their slumber, and bring back the paradise lost: Return Anuchard to the heavens.Finally, you were judged worthy to take up the mantle of the Bellwielder. The Dungeon awaits!For everyone and everything. You are the Bellwielder and the Audros Bell is your best friend.Master the Bell! Not just as a weapon, but as a vital tool for overcoming puzzles and obstacles.It's more than just a blunt instrument of mayhem. Use its knock-back ability to smash enemies into obstacles, reposition them, and clear the way forward.Use the Bell to solve puzzles in the Dungeon. Launch projectiles, move puzzle pieces, and employ it creatively to progress!The warped, magical Dungeon houses the Guardians you need to confront in order to restore the lost kingdom of Anuchard.Brave the dangers of the Dungeon, using the Bell to knock around and defeat the enemies that infest it!Face complex puzzles and solve them, to unlock the deepest reaches of the Dungeon.Finally, confront each of the five Guardians to learn the truth of the Anuchard's fall and return the kingdom to its rightful place in the skies!As the Bellwielder, you're destined to restore Anuchard to the skies - but that doesn't mean you can't help Orchard on the way.Explore the Dungeon to rescue the souls of lost villagers, returning them to Orchard through the ritual of revival!Each revived villager will contribute to your quest. Farmers, chefs, herbalists, all will help you and the village.Prepare for ever deeper ventures into the Dungeon. Cook up meals using ingredients provided by the Orchard, then head into the fray!


Anuchard video game Developed by stellarNull and published by Freedom Games video screen

More about this game here.


BloodCrypt video game by AdamStrange

Made by AdamStrange

V1.01 Created in 3 days for 7DRL.

Dare you explore BloodCrypt?

What dangers might befall you, what treasures you willfind.

What monsters just mightclaw you, and feast, and crunch, and dine!

All assets, images, 3d models, 3d engine created by me! There is no Unity or Unreal - it is a custom OpenGL engine.

Brand new version (1.06) with new levels, monsters and an overall task: Get Moms Amulet from the Bone King!

Ver 1.06 Todo


magic books

proper end section with note from Mom

Ver 1.06 changes

First Linux build

bed, bedding, coffin, wood, coffin-open, shelf, bones, cup, plate, magnifying glass, models added

hovering over a monster brings up a magnifying glass

main menu alterations

new logo integrated into menu and map view

objects now activated. gold, food, etc can be properly dealt with, picked up etc.

display speeded up with new object managment system

monster(3d) and ui(2d) graphics seperated

inhabit mode now shows axe and axe movement when attacking

initial magnify info panel added

monsters now have automatic info panel

things have automatic info panel - key, coins, food

new menu graphics with new logo

new tickbox graphics

infopanel tickbox activated by mouse click or S or DownArrow (when highlighted)

when info panel is not shown - clicking when the magnifying glass is shown will give help text

null added to dressing

lightFX now has second grid added for more things

nulllight added to lightFX

initial work on getting hidden tiles to function correctly - sometimes they don't drop right

fixed nasty bug which prevented movement from one tile to another

monsters now spawn more regularly

monsters can't spawn on top of other monsters

initial trigger systems activated for some lighting

fire and big fire now cause damage if walked over

minor graphic glitch with direction arrow sorted

lots of testing :)

layout editor click on map moves to position

scrolls can now be picked up from off the floor by click next to them

books are now things - they can be picked up

fruit, cheese, ham can now be on things

monsters spawn more randomly - before they would always spawn. now they have a 0 chance of spawning

monsters will hit back when attacked

things can be picked up in front of you in inhabit mode

minor menu graphics tidy up

normal and inhabit movement now synchronised correctly

inhabit now has vertical 'breathing' added

internal tile data format changed to support multiple card decks

editor - now supports multiple card decks

initial level 3 sewer layout done

tracker sequence sound reset sorted

when escape (exit to menu) pressed map will also vanish if visible

map now renders fluid

map now shows correct details if been revealed - hidden parts are not shown

map now renders path

map now renders sewers correctly

dust particles launch when knight moves

gribmax has new graphics

gribmax now pops and spans dribbles

trapdoors now have popup info

modified main shader to darken things as they go up. this gives a better render effect for the lights

added some extra 3d position checking

scores now integrated

scores now saved

scores now shown in main menu

gold amount now linked direct to score

movement bug - where you couldn't move - initial code rework

transition from current floor to new floor code complete

gates now have closed mechanism

corrected internal floor jump systems

added floor updown systems

you can now travel to different floors

corrected right bottom icon display issue

increased graphic fidelity

minor score table edit to prevent multiple identical scores

going updown floors takes you out of inhabit mode

2x2 steps added to items

6 colored potions added to dressing

external map different carddeck support added

internal carddecks added to editor

spikes now operational along with hidden triggers

spikes added to main map - so you encounter them first

card decks now operational

initial blood sewer tiles complete

level not clearing bug (where completed level was still present) fixed

spike toggle when in inhabit mode corrected

enemy2 becomes a wurm

wurms added to the red sewer

enemy3 is a batusbat

bats added to red sewer

book icons added to GUI

tentacle added to monsters

fallOff map created for monsters to track movements

skeletons now track your movements and will always find you

optimized fallOff map - it only calculates 1 offset per frame. it means creatures further away might not move

additonal map tiles added so there is the opportunity to have a book at start - if found!

books now appear in gui. there are 6 kinds with one being random

each level now has a title and basic help text on what to do

2d graphics are now crisp

levels start faded to dark grey when title shows then color and lights are added

potions now appear in the gui. there are 6 kinds

pink potion is BIG

red potion is healhurt

green potion is immune

when big - you cant go through archways

fixed mouse over blocked movement bug

titles now show when you jump to a new floor - basic help on what to do

implemented splash screen into core windows

yellow potion is strength

initial scroll UI set up

correction to internal bitmapfont controls to correct alpha blending

5 helpful scrolls added to tutorial

more movement error checking added

quest buttons now start un-enabled

quest buttons now updated And savedloaded correctly

available decks now 4 not 3

new monster wraith

new level ossuary

new mx2 logo added

corrected scores

added lots of coins

bone throne added

skeleton warriors added

ossuary starts with more bones!

corrected floorlevel when savingadding scores

skeleton king ole boney added!

new modified potion icons that actually show what the potion might do...

Ver 1.05

menu buttons now use game font

Keys AD now rotate view

UI graphics slightly altered

smooth camera motion now added

blood hits screen when monsters attack you

Top Left UI now shows bones when a monster is killed

New Monster: Skeleton. appears after 6 bones!

general output light is now brighter LightGrey instead of Grey

lighting brightened and toned down

Key i now activates inhabit mode

Key o now activates overhead mode

Escape Key goes back to menu

inhabit mode tidied up a bit

bone graphics modified

monster info shortened

rotate buttons added to bottom right of screen

new icon graphics fitting with style

monster movement tweaked

gribmax has 30 chance of giving you health when killed

new trapdoor animation and models making things much easier to see

new tree models and tree textures

new inhabit icons at bottom right giving movement and fight

new rotate icons at bottom right

new keyboard controls for inhabit arrows, qweasd.

bugfixes to new tile routines

corrected inhabit to an from normal errors

level jump codes added

some food has higher probabilty of being poisoned

crates, barrels, rocks, plant, cross added

new tiles added

tile colors modified

sound trap and get-to internal tile triggers added

dressings now have a height value

new menu graphics

trapdoors now open when the key is collected

pink knight now moves properly

monsters now move properly

monsters now display blood scratches when hit

4th fluid shader added

New Map view added with icon and keyboard M to activate

Ver 1.04

if a monster can be attacked cursor glows red

corrected knight eye view

basic food added. some food has random chance of being nasty. food is static, when it's there. it's always there

clicking monsters now display health and attack levels

monsters now display health and attack points above them when clicked and attacked

new movement and attacking system for monsters

red square to attack text added to menu

attacking monsters has a 30 chance of the monster getting an attack in first

monsters now drop 1..4 gold when killed

more map locations to discover

top indicator now shows both health (now green) and attack (silver)

max health extended to 8 (previouly was 4)

bestiary now includes gribbmax: a more bigger, badder gribble

monsters now act in groups

Ver 1.03

Vegetation now animates

Flickering lights toned down

Books added

New 3d models added

New map decor

Map changes - crypt tree added

Clicking knight displays information andraises and lowers

Clicking a monster gives you some information

Knight now faces proper direction

New 'inhabit' mode, where you get the view from the knight - activate from new icon at top


Direction arrows added when there is new ground at edges of tiles


Now with gettable gold and monsters.

Gate torch colors are now red.

Bug fixes.

Ver 1.01

This has no sound and no monsters, just the procedural exploration (I ran out of time... Ahhh)

Later versions will have monsters and more...


More about this game here.

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