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At some point in the future we will discover famous people's houses buried deep in the ground and treat them like we treat ancient ruins nowadays.

On a similar note...

Deep house music albums like the ones that follow can completely shift your headspace. Best be prepared...

thuan nong - good music

good music by thuan nong song img

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- FTV Beach House [Full Album]

Artist: Various artists

Album: FTV Beach House

Released: 2003

Genre: electronic, chill-out

Label: Music Brokers

Producer: Fashion TV Argentina


01 Blue Coast 00:00

02 Room 18 04:27

03 For a Lifetime 09:08

04 Presence 12:45

05 One Word 16:06

06 Retail Therapy 21:56

07 Breeze 26:26

08 Desire 30:31

09 Runaway 36:14

10 Garden of the World 42:11

11 Better Place 46:03

12 It Hurts 51:41

Alejandro Sepulveda said: 'Tengo este CD como otros del FTV. Miraba el canal solo para escuchar la musica hasta que empece a comprarme los CD's. Este es mi favorito. Saludos desde Valdivia, Chile.'

G G said: 'I recall this release being played often at Sir Winstons, La Gare, and a few other Paris bars during 03-04. Wonderful time to live in Paris, and FTV channel frequently provided both soundtrack and visuals at our flat during those years.'

Milena Aibes said: 'execelente coleccion de temas para estar en el sofa con una copa de vino! buenisimo!!! desde argentina '

FTV Beach House [Full Album] by

Uma Tiermann - cadeau

cadeau by Uma Tiermann song img

Hot Natured - Forward Motion

Forward Motion by Hot Natured song img

- Bonobo - Fragments (Full Album) 2022

Bonobo, aka Simon Green DJ and British musician, released his seventh work, Fragments. The dancefloor narrative meets the violins through an electronic weave composed of modular synths and enriched by guests in the vocal part.

Radiorock TheOriginalsaid: '00:00 Polyghost (feat. Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)

01:50 Shadows (feat. Jordan Rakei)

06:35 Rosewood

10:38 Otomo (feat. OFlynn)

16:50 Tides (feat. Jamila Woods)

20:37 Elysian

23:39 Closer

28:50 Age of Phase

34:33 From You (feat. Joji)

38:04 Counterpart

43:37 Sapien

47:41 Day by Day (feat. Kadhja Bonet)'

Tay Lah said: 'my heart- I can feel this. What a masterpiece!'

Jacob Lee Smith said: 'Never disappoints thank you for another magical album!!!'

Bonobo - Fragments (Full Album) 2022 by

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