Neuromantics Sound Far Out With Sizzling "Solaris"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Golden guitar and alt. rock immensity etch an air of emotionalism across Neuromantics' "Solaris".

Great rock vitality paired with progressive power...

Trees, up close and personal...

A canopy covers cold space below.

You're going nowhere fast. Fast to fall...

A forest in full surrounds you, unseen.

"Solaris sets your heart on fire..."

Something like Caligula's Horse and Kings of Leon coming together as one, Neuromantics assemble their own melodic rock sound in "Solaris". Well-rounded and really easy to get into, this track is true-blue prog rock.

Superbly satisfying drum rolls and sweet, psychedelic soloing on guitar set this track apart. Never overwhelming, "Solaris" serves up subtle shifts in rhythm and harmony from verse to chorus.


Meaning makes this song more than mere music. An underlying message of moving forward in the face of uncertainty sets the stage in "Solaris". A choice between pursuing passions and succumbing to security...

With a relatable dilemma at its core and a cool composition to boot, this brand new tune should be turned up. Tune in and enjoy.

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