Net Neutrality Meme-a-thon - Attack on ISP

The day has come... Net neutrality needs us.

The day for us to join our digital hands in virtual solidarity (and spit in the outstretched paws of international corps. gone wild) is upon us.

Net neutrality is all that stands in the way of excessive Internet throttling (keeping speeds low whenever you access something online that your Internet service provider doesn't like).

Sure, they're already throttling plenty of traffic as it is, but things can and certainly would get worse if the last remnants of Net Neutrality were swept aside like yesterday's refuse.

Join your fair cyber brethren in merriment and defiance against an increasingly corrupt ISP cartel!

Flood the web with your memes of rebellion!

Share these memes with all your might! Our unofficial ISP overlords will not rule this day! Be ODD!

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