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With so many music albums drifting across the internet, it can be tough to find great techstep albums like these... That's why we did it for you!

ogxwnller1♬ - FXCKING TRXSH(mix vol.1)

FXCKING TRXSH(mix vol.1) by ogxwnller1♬ song img

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Twister by DJ Trace

Twister by DJ Trace song img

Tempo Records present SPEED, a new Tempo Records sublabel project released on a limited edition 180gramm collectors picture disc vinyl with original legendary producers who shaped the Drum and Bass scene. First on SPEED is the legendary 'Techstep' originator DJ Trace aka Duncan Hutchison. Trace first got introduced to the rave scene in 1989 at London's Heaven nightclub.

A session with Aston Harvey (Freestylers) at a Soho studio lead to Trace's first release, 'Inception', an EP on Orbital Records and launching Trace onto the DJ circuit. It wasn't long before Trace began his Kool FM show alongside MC Ryme Tyme. Fast forward to 1995 and living between Philadelphia and London Trace remixed T Power's 'Horny Mutant Jazz' (S.O.U.R.), now more commonly known as 'The Mutant Remix'. This classic underground DB 'cult' track went onto inspire a plethora of other producers, and was hailed by many as the dawn of 'Techstep'. On this picture disc you'll find two harsh, deep 'Techstep' tracks, 'Twister' on the A side 'Apocalypse' on the AA side with that distinct Trace spirit which still lives on today. Collectors please note: This release comes as a strictly limited 180g Silver Handnumbered Picture Disc Vinyl pressing with a high quality polybag sleeve (including a handnumbered qty stamped silver sticker on polybag corner) all tracks... more

Twister by DJ Trace

- Dark Drum and Bass 2022, Sci-Fi DB Full Album Mysterious Transmigracion

New dark Drum and bass 2022,ambient dnb,neuro scifi atmospheric drum and bass ,darkstep,liquid funk ,every music has a story :)

drum n bass,DB, DB, DnB,Technoid,

Projectiled Sunbeam - Mysterious Transmigracion Tracklist:

01.The Last Disaster (Intro) 00:00

02.Mysterious Transmigracion 03:39

03.Nanoganism 12:14

04.Revitality 20:17

05.Project Deep Space 27:09

06.Collision of the Planets 35:39

07.Distort Reality (Ft. Marek Varga ) 43:27

08.Lost Horizont 48:49

09.Global Overheat 55:54

10.They Are Coming 1:03:56

11.Mira: The Eye of the Sky 1:11:50

Jackhammer Put Ya by Cod3x

Jackhammer  Put Ya by Cod3x song img

Next up on Major League Dnb we present: Cod3x, the 22 years old DrumBass musician from Saint-Petersburg, releasing his second single on our imprint. With releases on Eatbrain, Blackout, Bad Taste Renegade Hardware under his belt he is one of the rising stars in the neurofunk scene with ongoing support from artists like Noisia, Bad Company UK, Black Sun Empire, Crissy Criss, Rene LaVice, Jade Enei to name a few.

Im making music firstly for myself, not really following the trends, having inspiration from old and new tunes. Showing my vision on the neurofunk genre, sometimes mix it up with rolling things or jump up but mainly it's still neuofunk as i see it.'

Jackhammer', 'Put Ya' and 'Ravioli' (from Divergence II Eatbrain) were the last tracks made in the old studio in fall 2019. This single will be more than just a release for me. With this release I'm completing another milestone in my story, saying goodbye to my old teenage times of production in my old room.

Both of the tunes are ready for the dancefloor. 'Put Ya' is more of a mainstream tune, not too heavy. 'Jackhammer' clearly sounds like neurofunk by my understanding. The damn virus will be gone soon and we will be back in the clubs to test these tunes!

Hope you guys will enjoy this single, and in the future you will enjoy the new stage of a grown up Cod3x.'

Jackhammer Put Ya by Cod3x


DRUM  BASS by NiKK song img

Piece Of Horror by Deadlines recordings

Piece Of Horror by Deadlines recordings song img

domandroland - DRP010

domandroland DRP010 song img

Out soon on limited orange fire vinyl, WAV, mp3

DRP010 by domandroland

- B.A.S. Dark Live (Full album)

Dariusz Samulak said: 'no dobra, dobra, ale kto przyspieszył obroty? ;) (chyba słabe baterie były w tym "kasprzaku";))'

B.A.S. Dark Live (Full album) by

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