Ned Dylan Has Just Proven "Life's a Rave"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Intimate intensity sweeps sound over senses in Ned Dylan's weapons-grade debut, "Life's a Rave".

This track's industrial vibes and techno twang mangle rock into a singular new something sure to stick with you a while.

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Nowhere near satisfied... You lied.
The voice inside won't die.

An eyeful of freedom and a wrist-load of shackles...

Move on, lest time pass you by.

"Life's a rave... From the cradle to the grave."

From the offset, "Life's a Rave" lets loose a load of dusky drama. Piano plays, grumbling on one hand and chiming on the other, as vocals drop in with melodious musings.

Not unlike that of Muse, Ned's music is deep and dark with bright chroma noise standing front and center come each chorus.

There's a fit of fusion at play in this track as well. As Ned nestles EDM into nooks, hides hip hop helpings in each chorus and reveals rock at the song's core, you wonder just how it all comes together so well.

Powerful, peppy and poignant to boot. "Life's a Rave" is well worth a listen.

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