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Christmas time is always a blast if you time your shopping and prep work just right.

But, imagine, if you will...

That instead of timing anything, you spent all of your time playing the games in this article.

Actually, that'd probably work out just fine.

Check out all of these awesome Christmas games by indie game studios and indie game developers. There are some real gems in the mix!


Developed by FictumLudos and published by FictumLudos Enraged

Developed by FictumLudos and published by FictumLudos

After a long, gruelling snowmobile ride, you have finally arrived to a large structure hidden amongst the snowscape and soon realize that Santa's workshop isn't as jolly as advertised...

Shoot, kick, punch, throw knives and use explosions against Santa's rabid elves and robots hell-bent on stopping you from reaching their white-bearded overlord.

Match their determination, use tactics and skill to finish your mission and discover the dark, personal reason why you came...

After the first playthrough, continue the fast-paced action by completing challenges and competing for the fastest Speedrun in the leaderboard)



More about this game here.

More Like This

Christmas Wonderland 12

Developed by Casual Arts and published by Casual Arts Christmas Wonderland 12

Developed by Casual Arts and published by Casual Arts

A Christmas Wonderland Adventure for All the Family to Enjoy !

Enjoy magnificent Christmas festivities in Springfield. Help Santa at the North Pole. Visit Robot Toy Workshops, an Ice Palace, Petting Zoo & Grotto. See Dancer’s new baby Reindeer.

Buy a Christmas Tree & visit the Charity Christmas Market at Pinecreek Hills National Park. Plant new Trees. See a Nativity display. Put up Christmas Decorations. Win awesome Rewards and Achievements. Take photos, make an Album.

Suddenly it’s Christmas Eve and Santa is Flying around the World while Kids are fast asleep, or are they? … and soon it’s another awesome Christmas Morning.

Help Santa find Hidden Objects, Lost & Found Items, & Gold Angels. Play superb Mini-Games. Earn Merit Badges.

Christmas Wonderland 12 is crammed full of Presents & Hidden Surprises with Gorgeous Graphics and Puzzles. Play in 3 modes ( Casual, Challenge, Extreme – collect ALL against the clock ) Join in the fun, with truly Captivating Christmas gameplay for Families and Friends of All abilities and ages to enjoy.

Find objects in beautiful Hidden Object Scenes along with a wide range of puzzle games.

Christmas Wonderland 12

Christmas Wonderland 12

More about this game here.

Santa Slays Nazis

Developed by Jeremy Martin Santa Slays Nazis

Developed by Jeremy Martin

Experience a Christmas story like no other in this tale of Santa joining the fight against Hitler's Nazi Army.

Set during the tumultuous times of World War II, Hitler tries to invade the North Pole and stop the world from receiving the joy of Christmas. Hitler deploys new experiments, technology and even magic in his conquest over Santa's domain. If Hitler succeeds, he will control who receives presents, who can receive Christmas decorations and Christmas trees, and he will take all of Christmas candy and baked goods for himself. Santa must succeed or else good little boys and girls all over the world will never know the joy of Christmas again!

Couch Co-op Splitscreen co-op with the other player taking on Mrs. Claus.

Third-person Shooter Action Take up arms and fight off the Nazi menace.

Cheerful Locations Fight in North Pole locations that are key to Santa's Christmas operations.

Christmas Shopping Earn Santa Dollars and spend them on new weapons and upgrades.

Santa Slays Nazis

Santa Slays Nazis

More about this game here.

Cave Story's Secret Santa

Developed by Nicalis, Inc. and published by Nicalis, Inc. Cave Story's Secret Santa

Developed by Nicalis, Inc. and published by Nicalis, Inc.

Be the Mimiga Who Saved Christmas

It's our holiday gift to you: Cave Story's Secret Santa, a new game you can download for a limited time and play for FREE! It's a bite-sized side story of stealth and puzzle solving, with familiar characters and settings from Studio Pixel's classic adventure.

After Balrog recovers the Christmas presents that were stolen by Chaba, the cowardly Mimiga named Santa must sneak into every home and return the missing packages. As he tiptoes past the beds of sleeping residents and avoids being seen by patrolling Gaudi, Santa finds useful items, eats delicious cookies and places the gifts under the Christmas trees where they belong.

Santa can push or pull obstacles, turn light switches on and off, pry open ventilator shafts and more. But he'll have to watch out for hazards and avoid making any noises that might attract attention. Get Cave Story's Secret Santa before it's gone!

Return gifts to 20 unique homes across three familiar zones

Find and consume delicious cookies

Discover hidden passageways and secret surprises

Earn 10 different achievements

Cave Story's Secret Santa

Cave Story's Secret Santa

More about this game here.

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