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The Sims is just a point and click adventure game set around life

I digress...

Adventure games to inspire, enlighten and possibly enrage... All this and more await gamers willing to pick these up and give them a go.

helicopter 2.0

helicopter 2.0 Developed by Gamesforgames and published by Gamesforgames

Developed by Gamesforgames and published by Gamesforgames

A game about a helicopter plowing through the open spaces, the land scorched by the sun. With addictive gameplay and auto-generated levels, the goal of the game is to fly as much as possible. And get the maximum number of points, accompanied by gorgeous music, in the spirit of the best shooters. Enjoy the breathtaking game play.

helicopter 2.0

helicopter 2.0 Developed by Gamesforgames and published by Gamesforgames video screen

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Doriano by Guilherme S. Gama

Made by Guilherme S. Gama


Doriano, the protagonist,  is stranded on this unknown island with his captain and the rest of his crew. The ship has been broken with the storm they faced and now your task is to help finding the remaining resources to repair it and continue with their journey.


Keyboard/Mouse - WASD to move, Mouse to look, SPACE to jump, LMB to interact and attack

Controller - L analog to move, R analog to look, X/A button to jump, O/B to interact and attack

Project Details:

Doriano is a 4-week demo made by Guilherme Gama for the Digital Games' curricular unit integrated into the Master of Multimedia, in FEUP.

All the gameplay and game scripts were implemented from scratch by the developer, featuring some built-in and external packages like: Cinemachine, New Input System, TextMeshPro, Timeline, DOT Tween. For the visuals the Universal Pipeline Shader Graph and VFX Graph packages were used.

External 3D Models:

Island and vegetation - Fantasy Adventure Environment (Asset)

Character Base Mesh - Nabbakadnashr (Sketchfab)

Enemy Base Mesh - Burrow Cute Seires (Asset)

Boat Base Mesh - Bjarne Stokhof (Sketchfab)

External Animations:

Player Animations - Mixamo & The Explorer Kit

External Fonts:

Main Font -Candy Beans (Chequered Ink)

External Songs:

Credits Song - Acoustic Breeze (Bensound.com)

Main Song - Brazillian Bossa Galore (Eddie Hughes)


Name: Guilherme S. Gama

City: Porto, Portugal

E-mail: guilherme_silva_gama@outlook.com


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Vaccine Delivery Adventure

Vaccine Delivery Adventure Developed by The VALIDATE Network and published by The VALIDATE Network

Developed by The VALIDATE Network and published by The VALIDATE Network

Vaccine Delivery Adventure is a classic side-scrolling action game where a healthcare worker has to overcome the challenges of delivering the BCG Vaccine to the communities that need it. As you deliver the vaccine in different locations you learn more and more about the BCG vaccine and the challenges of protecting communities against tuberculosis.

Pay attention to your fellow health workers as you will be quizzed at the end.

You can play the game in English, Chinese, Hindi, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

We will not collect any personal data: At the beginning of the game, we ask for the player to anonymously provide their age and country of origin along with a 3 letter nickname. This is so we can ensure that the games are reaching the right audience. We will not, and cannot, record individual personal/contact information in the game.

Vaccine Delivery Adventure

Vaccine Delivery Adventure Developed by The VALIDATE Network and published by The VALIDATE Network video screen

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SNS Developed by Fractals

Developed by Fractals

In the year 4849 after decades of peace, an unfortunate asteroid mining incident causes a moon-sized asteroid to hit the earth, wiping out nearly all of the earth's population, humans are tenacious creatures however and as such some survived, creating bases on the only remaining spots of above land, humanity began to rebuild making most of a bad situation and began pushing past it, developing powerful and futuristic new bio-technology, however just as they begin to try re-taming the rest of the earth they have found out that the world is much more dangerous than once thought, radiation from the atomic bombs kept by the previous countries have warped the wildlife, and to make it worse an alien microorganism coming from the asteroid that has hit the earth has reacted badly mutating the worlds new fauna further. welcome to the strange new world of SNS!

What you get with the game!,

Over a 1000 lines of lore explaining each part of the sns world,

An interactive map overlooking the main world of sns, allowing you to plot and plan your journey though the world.

Access to all future content free of charge, meaning DLC, Extra characters, New maps and any other planned content.

Game-play outline, SNS is digital ttrpg (Tabletop role-playing game) playable both online and off, this steam game, is a map that servers as a space for lore, interacting with the community, and as a map showing the different destinations you can visit.





SNS Developed by Fractals video screen

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The Box

The Box by SyazwanFreeMaker

Made by SyazwanFreeMaker

This Game is about you were trap inside the mysterious Box And need to find the way out. But there is something not right about that place. The Full Version Will be release soon.

Demo Version Updated]

1) Bug Fixed

2) New Feature added

The Box

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Tales of the Underworld - Legends of Primordial Sea

Tales of the Underworld - Legends of Primordial Sea Developed by Reed and published by CS Publish

Developed by Reed and published by CS Publish

YouTube™ Video: Episode 1 Emperor Xizone’s ambition - Castle in the Sky 2.0

Views: 201

Castle in the Sky 2.0 - Clash of Sky Palace Episode 1 Enhanced Audio version Speical thanks to Noir Et Blanc Vie Full Edition Download...

The sky city on the earth will fall with a loud noise, and it will appear like a blue star...

What do you think about Elon musk, Jeff bezos, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking? Men who changed the past and influencing the future? Do you want to play a game while learning the meaning of life?

When people act with good deeds, heaven responds with blessings

When people commit evil crime, heaven responds with unstoppable disasters

If we act against the good and do bad things, bad omens will come from the sky, and the world will suffer from drought and rain, floods, mutiny and civil chaos, and war will begin. Therefore, the ancients attached great importance to the observation of celestial phenomena. You can piece together the hidden fragments of riddle from this graphic novel comic style game...

Tales of Terra Ocean

Long before the distant past, Earth was an organic whole without form and void.

A divine goddess named Pan Gu separated Earth from Heaven to form Terrestrial continents. Once every sixty six thousand six hundred and sixty six year, a disastrous scourge would be brought upon this land.

Floods, drought, famines, earthquakes and disease epidemics spread through out Earth.

Four Sages walked across the continents and discovered the myth of contrary forces, which were interconnected and interdependent in the dynamic natural cycle.

Relying on absorbing the spirits of sun, moon, fire, water, wind and earth, an animating force was formed within stones which could summon the catastrophic destruction brought upon land but also able to preserve the existence of mankind.

Weapons were forged with spiritual gemstones, passed down through generations and were called 「Eternal Summoning Weapons of the Ancient」.

As the plot progresses throughout this Visual Novel ARPG, readers will be able to browse inside an ordinary youngster’s extraordinary journey, retroactively entering the chronological time warp of paranormal summoning monsters, and witnessing a new era of fantasy stories.

This is not a series of Hayao Miyazaki , not Studio Ghibli Animation's Tales from Earthsea or Tales of Earthsea

This is not God of War, not GTA, not Call of Duty, not the last of us, not resident evil, not Onimusha, not Devil May Cry

This is a story rich Indie game completely made by one person, this Visual Novel Manga style ARPG game guarantees an unprecedented scale in the classical Taiwanese literature. A literature of fantasy moniker


Legends of Primordial Sea is a hybrid game of Survival Platform ARPG & Visual Novel inspired & developed by Reed.

Players will enter the virtual world to find themselves explored the Underworld and must fight their ways to survive in an unknown land of enemies, to unravel the mythical story behind Jonah's plan.

key features:

Survive, Strive, and Thrive the Quadra Martial Artist Life:

Face aggressive ninjas while taking on unknown enemies in the Underworld.

Explore the Ruins of Primordial Sea

An interesting story & a hyper-manga style experience that keep you immersed in the fantasy world of Primordial Sea, a rich story is waiting to be discovered.

What you can expect

Immerse yourself in a story rich adventure, the saga of two friends trying to enter Limbo against all odds

Immediate to play, accessible, a pause in a busy day, a visual novel game that will make you cry

A solo game that you can also play with a friend, a second player can join or drop out anytime

Tales of the Underworld - Legends of Primordial Sea

Tales of the Underworld - Legends of Primordial Sea Developed by Reed and published by CS Publish video screen

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The Mirror's End

The Mirror's End Developed by Black Robot Games and published by Black Robot Games

Developed by Black Robot Games and published by Black Robot Games

What kind of game are we talking about?

The Mirror's End is a top-down perspective adventure game with action elements, a sophisticated low-poly look and feel, and tons of retro gaming influences. Last but not least, exploration of the world(s) and a very fun crafting system are at the base of The Mirror's End gameplay.

What about multiplayer?

Although we don't exclude the possibility of implementing a multiplayer game mode in the future, The Mirror's End will be initially released as single-player only.

What is the current state of the development for The Mirror's End?

We have just completed the development of the first demo (read it: Vertical Split). The gameplay and the code base are now under a complete refactoring.

We have confirmed other game aspects like the (not-so)-lowpoly aesthetic and an intriguing story we can’t wait to tell you.

What platforms will you support?

At the moment we’re targeting a Windows-only release but we do not exclude portings to other platforms in the future.

Are you planning any crowdfunding campaign?

Not at the moment, but who knows...

The Mirror's End

The Mirror's End Developed by Black Robot Games and published by Black Robot Games video screen

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Unwrapping Christmas

Unwrapping Christmas by Tudypie

Made by Tudypie

Unwrapping Christmas is a short horror game where you discover the mystery of Christmas.

Game Info

You play as a man that bought a cabin in the woods to spend the winter in nature. Strange series of events start happening that lead up to discovering the secret of Christmas that has been hidden for many years.

The game has a total of 3 endings (around 20 mins of gameplay).


well-developed story

creepy atmosphere

engaging gameplay

secrets/easter eggs and more!


Mouse Look

W A S D Move

Space Jump



ESC Pause



Tudypie and TheBlindEye

Level Design

Tudypie and TheBlindEye

3D Models:

Tudypie and TheBlindEye

From Unity Asset Store

Low Poly Survival Kit by Proxy Games

Low Poly House Interior by JustCreate

Christmas Decoration Props by Padia 3D

Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution:

Vintage Radio by Fabian van Dorst

Chainlink Fence - Low Poly  by Gamedirection

Modular cartoon wooden road sign by exsesone

Digital clock from Poly by Google by IronEqual

Santa Claus's Sleigh by unleasharun

Sound Effects:

some taken from  zapsplat.com, freesound.org, quicksounds.com, and some by Tudypie and TheBlindEye

Additional InfoWe hope you enjoy playing our game and please leave a comment providing feedback :)You can also follow us on Twitter to see updates and new releases: @tudypie1 & @BlindeyeTheIf you want to support us you can donate here: Tudypie & The BlindEye

Unwrapping Christmas

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