Nathan Seeckts Lets "Old Blood" Boil Off

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Where there's blood there's a brawl of harmony and will in Nathan Seeckts's "Old Blood".

A slow storm of anguish and memory moves in a current throughout this song, settling heavily in the heart.

A life in the wind...

A winded whistle... Wet at the lips and warring...

A deathless moment in memory.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"I used to rule these streets of mine..."

Almost Fogerty in force, Seeckts strafes the fringe of forced forgetfulness in this track, tackling the turn of life's seasons with telling resolve.

Gruff vocals spread nostalgia, thick, over a soft tumble of rhythmic drift in this tune. Chords strike up a calming cadence, juxtaposing sharply with the longing lyrics. "Old Blood" bleeds for lost time and memories kept intact.


Nathan pines after golden years spent with friends not soon forgotten in "Old Blood". Blue notes streak the mix in a hum, a drone and a long drive home.

Country music need not be your forte for this track to entrance you. Try it out and see for yourself. Beat the button below.

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