Nadia Sheikh Slips Us Some "Toxic" Rock to Overdose On

Odd Nugget Social-done

Stunning tone and a touch of soul make for enticing rock and roll in Nadia Sheikh's "Toxic".

It's all igneous indie rock, riddled with raw soulful singing throughout.

Alleyway, black, and footsteps, faltering...

You're a mess and moving slow. Everywhere to be and nowhere to go...

Eyes half-open; a door left ajar, haltering...


"Doctor, I don't need that pill..."

Strings abrade and drums snap, abrupt, as "Toxic" takes your eardrums by force.

Guitars gives off chiming bell-tone harmonics. Bass notes saunter and sprint in succession. Vocals rise and fall over all, syncing up in sound and sentiment like flowers in moving water. Choruses swing and sway with welcome energy, hinging on words left hanging; pivot points for a pick-up-and-drop-again rhythm.


Nadia pulls punk power over straight-ahead rock rhythm like a hoodie over a head. There's riotous charm to be found in "Toxic" and at least enough edge to slice open your eardrums.

You need not know a lot about rock music to recognize a solid song of this sort. Nadia's "Toxic" is a tonic. To do without is to down a dose of poison. Just press play.

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