Mystified by Historian's "I Need a Future"


historian bannerHistorian weave a fresh tapestry of tone in "I Need a Future," amidst sounds that lead us into our past.

Orchestral, fluid and topsy-turvy, this spacey song takes us on a trip with no destination.

This song feels like time-travel.

We squeeze at space slipping past our ears in reversed string arrangements - unwinding in the void.

Insistently, the chug of the drumbeat carries on amidst this chaos.

Our journey has just begun.


Psychedelia meets the final frontier at full force - giving us glimpses of a future we couldn't have conceived of.

Our time-travelling poet closes his eyes. "I'll shine my light, but who will ever know?"

A little light in a sea of darkness; he travels on through pitch of night.

Deeper into madness we meander.

The whole of the track now whistles harmoniously in reverse.

"Is this just some riddle?"

Unravel the mystery yourself and enjoy the thoughtful video below!


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