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Coming face to face with a ghost must be like encountering stale air in a closed room if they're completely immaterial.

But, i digress...

Crazy wind stories like the ones below pour in from all over the globe. Coincidence? Well...

Alexandrites guide to demon magic

This is just a guide to my magic! Hope you like it!

Alexandrites guide to demon magic on Wattpad

The wind was howling like a wolf and it blew my hat off.

I ran outside to get it, but when I came back inside I found that the wind had blown my family out of the house.

Posted on Reddit by CrystalDime.

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The artic wind howling outside the tent, the piercing cold in the wind slowly creeping in.

I am the last alive from my crew, cannibalism consumed us all and now an evil spirit consumes my mind..

Posted on Reddit by Spoopy_Boy_1123.

'Bout that time, aye friend?

A teen boy is mesmerized with fire, loves its warmth and beauty, little does he know he can actually control it, but he will soon find out.

On New Year's Eve his story begins, meeting new friends who share the same confusion as him for they also posses powers they can not explain, they learn and grow and form bonds.

'Bout that time, aye friend? on Wattpad

As a kid, my parents always told me that the knocking outside was just the tree branches in the wind.

I believed them until the night the doorbell rang.

Posted on Reddit by Omicron_hummingbird.

When a shiver ran up my spine I excused it as the cold wind.

But then I felt it scratching at the bottom of my skull.

Posted on Reddit by Playful-Ambition-521.

Tales of The Lancers

The Complete Story of a Discord Roleplay Server, with a few tweaks here and there.

Original Characters, Original Story.

Also written by a bunch of teenagers who don't know what the heck they're doing.

WILL BE UPDATED REGULARLY (hopefully) Follow these young adults and teenagers as they go on wacky supernatural adventures and explore the full extent of their abilities to wield different elements of nature.

Tales of The Lancers on Wattpad

Ever notice how on large sets of wind chimes, you can always hear the difference when they get activated by wind or by hand?

Living alone in the woods, at nighttime I often wonder who is playing with the set hanging on my back porch.

Posted on Reddit by discthief.

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