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Circuses in the real world and strip clubs in Zootopia would not seem all that different from each other...

Moving on...

Circus stories and books with creepy details... If that's what you're looking for, you'll find plenty to peruse below!

Gabriel and Samuel with their sisters

From my "Town of Richardson" stories,this is Gabriel and Samuel after they died and how they visited their sisters.

Gabriel and Samuel with their sisters on Wattpad

As a comedian with amnesia, I never understood why I would be hired as a circus clown.

But when the new ringmaster yelled, Its showtime, I remembered that I had recieved a death sentence for killing the circus last ringmaster, Panera.

Posted on Reddit by PuzzarianIdeal.

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The Circus director told me to come early.

Even then the shock of the dead people remained the same.

Posted on Reddit by BeepBopperymusic.

Gabriel's special Christmas!

This takes place after "The town of Richardson:ghost origins" "The town of Richardson" and "The town of Richardson:part two." What if Gabriel Edwards had an extra special Christmas?

Gabriel's special Christmas! on Wattpad

The Circus

(Warning: I don't really talk English)

I'm convinced i'm going crazy

Weeks ago, I was talking with my best friend of 10 or so years, about our memories together and the troubles we used to cause around the neighborhood and i had this vivid and happy memory that i wanted to talk about.

But when i brought it up, my friend was really confused and asked me if i was joking.

I started to tell the story and she was looking at me like i was out of this world.

At that point i was starting to get weirded out so i just laughed it off.

But i've been thinking about that memory for months now and i'm so sure it was real but it's also kind of creepy.

It was a normal day. The sky was one of the clearest I've ever seen.

It seemed like a common, hot and sunny summer day, even though i'm pretty sure it was the middle of April.

It was a saturday and it obviously meant no school for us children.

In the late morning I still was in bed, but at some point I looked out of my window and there it was: a circus' tent ( not a weird thing: even though not many circuses came to my village, a lot of Children whose parents worked for a circus attended my elementary school for a few weeks a year).

The tent was in the small parking lot in front of my house and it looked rather tiny from my room at the third floor, even though the highest point of its striped structure reached way beyond the tall statue of the Fallen monument next to it.

Not a car was parked and not a soul stepped outside of their house but somehow i instatly knew why: everyone was already inside the tent, waiting for me.

I don't remember running down the stairs and i don't remember seeing my family that day.

But I know i got outside and i know i felt the sun on my skin, the light hit my eyes blinding me for some seconds.

I approached the parking lot alone, and i moved out of the way one of the big curtains to get inside.

The air was much warmer and everything was taller than me.

I saw there all the children of my village, sitting and smiling and i joined them.

There were no adults except for the circus' guys.

I cant even remember the performances, except for the fact that i got chosen from the crowd (yikes) to hold a Snake. It bit me on the thigh but it was all quickly taken care of.

I remember the new faces i saw and the friends that were there with me that day but i don't remember getting home.

The Next morning i work up and i went to Church as my family and i always do on sundays.

No one remembers anything.

Maybe i was allucinating or maybe i was dreaming but usually i never remember my dreams so accurately (is that even a word?).

I can still recall the sensations and the emotions i felt on that day, the smiles of my friends and my bff holding my hand, because she didn't want me to touch the Snake.


It's so weird, i'm just going nuts.


I should probably tell you that i have a bite mark on my thigh, that now is just a really old scar, but it could be from something else than a snake...

(I could put up the photo if someone wants to give an onest opinion)

Posted on Reddit by lonelylittletoe.

In the instance the psycho clown caught up to me and tackled me to the ground, I could feel the cold steel of his machete on my skin.

I shot up awake in bed, it was only a dream - but wait, why do I hear circus music approaching down the hall?

Posted on Reddit by JoeyDaInsaneClown.

The ringmaster

A young man named Arthur has a dream to open a carnival but no one will help him until a mysterious figure helps him to make his dream come true but at what cost ...


The ringmaster on Wattpad

Childhood Clown Incident That Still Has Me Wondering

When I was around 5-6 years old, my younger brother and I- who would have been about 4 at the time - were playing in our front yard as we often did. We lived in a very bad town in Southern California. A town that had a bad reputation and numerous tragedies, especially on the street we lived on.

Suddenly, I heard laughter coming from across the street. I stopped what I was doing and looked across the street and saw a clown (full suit and makeup) standing on the upper balcony of our neighbor's house. The clown then took out an umbrella and floated down from the upper balcony and landed right in front of where my brother and I were playing.

I remember the clown started talking to us, but I can't remember what he said. I just remember that he was very loud and would move his arms wildly when he talked. He then took out two large circus style lollipops and handed one to each of us.

The clown said something to us then pulled the umbrella out and floated back up onto the neighbor's balcony and went inside.

I always chalked this up to something I imagined, since I was so young when it happened. I never mentioned it to anyone until I was 19. My brother and I were hanging out with some friends and sharing stories about strange experiences. I decided to retell the clown story, when all of a sudden my brother's jaw dropped to the floor.

His eyes were the size of dinner plates. He said that he remembered the clown and described details about the incident that I left out. I couldn't believe that he would even remember something like that. I was also in disbelief that it wasn't something that I just imagined.

Now, this particular street had its fair share of strange and tragic occurrences. From murders, house fires, and overdoses. It was always considered a cursed street.

Could we have imagined this? Or was it something that was conjured from all the negative energy of that townstreet?

Posted on Reddit by Time189.

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