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Forever Rain [NamJin Oneshot]

"Seokjin...Kim Seokjin." If loving someone was a sin then he was ready to be punished.

Where Namjoon is to be enthroned as a Bishop, but on the night of his ceremony he encounters a beautiful gargoyle named Seokjin.

Will he fall for the said gargoyle or will his dreams get the better of him?

Forever Rain [NamJin Oneshot] on Wattpad

THE BOB LAZAR CLAIMS - Most Requested Topic, Discuss the Facts Arguments LIVE today with Jimmy Church of F2B Radio - MUST SEE DETAILS IN 1st COMMENT


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Reposting deleted post: "Lue Elizondo's 2 Hour Segment Interview with Jimmy Church -4BIDDEN DISCLOSURE 071721 SEEMS Forbidden for Paid Ticket Holders to view. It NEEDS to be seen and I bet Lue said a bit too much."

The OP of [this post](just deleted it. I don't know why.

You can read the full post here: the post here...

"Hi communities of all things UFOs Aliens!

On 071721 the 4BIDDEN Disclosure aired with FIVE 2 Hour segments.

Four of which were 2 Hour Presentations by the speakers:

Billy Carson

Linda Moulton Howe

Nick Pope

Richard Dolan

As of this AM 071921 Paid ticket holders have access to the on demand editedcut segments seen here:

there was a FIFTH segment, a 2 hour long interview with Jimmy Church GRILLING Lue.

Lue divulged a LOT of great things. And this two hour segment needs to be seen.

Here is a small clip when the interview began the Zoom room was filling up, and Jimmy Church asked Lue about the infamous "23 Minute video." the video above cuts Lue goes onto explain what ublackvault uncovered here: the involvement of the NPSMS in this matter, and coupled with the fact that Elizondo was the Director of it, it is likely Elizondos e-mails, chat transcripts, calendars, etc., would potentially be legal evidence involved in the still active trial of KSM.

This is just one example from the minimal information that is known about the NPSMS, and it happens to tie into one of the biggest trials that is underway post the 911 attacks. If the NPSMS were involved with SAPs, and their objective as an office was to facilitate access to highly sensitive programs, technology, and would communicate extensively about such issues; one would think that is considered historically significant and more importantly, a legal concern for preservation, in case it played a role in a legal proceeding as evidence.

However, this issue may stretch beyond just Elizondos e-mails and calendars. The confusion, and lack of clarity, when dealing with records retention is alarming. There are extensive schedules written by OSD that outline how, and why, records are kept and for how long. Yet, it appears these are not being followed, since no one in the FOIA office, nor the office of public affairs for OSD, could cite any reasonable authority to destroy these records."

Lue gives BIG Kudos to John in this 2 hour interview as well. Huge props.

Lue also goes onto explain many more juicy details, about behind the scenes in washington, and references hungry and eager analyst teams being setup to get at the UFO data, within the USG.

Making reference to this: also expands on the 23 minute video, stating it is comparable in length to a "Simpsons episode but something interesting is occurring the whole time."

He describes flight characteristics that are undeniably not ours.

He confirms to Jimmy Church at one point there are already "individuals" within the government that have concluded : "Not Human."


Tweeting at Billy Carson Jimmy Church Luis Elizondo is about all I can think of doing to get the 2 hour segment released. Because currently, again, those who DID pay were communicated that the 2 hour segments would be released for on demand replay.

Lue's segment is missing.

He said too much."

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Heaven - ONC 2022

They weren't supposed to ever meet.

They were never supposed to fall in love.

The arrival of a new priest, Father Caleb Hill, causes ripples in the sleepy community of Heaven, Arizona - a place full of people who have lost their faith in God.

Disgraced and damaged, Sina Noir works as a stripper at a local club catering to the needs of those who desire to drink enough to forget their existence.

When the two men meet, everything they thought they knew about themselves and their beliefs shatters and they find themselves entangled in a forbidden romance.

The prompts I'm using are 39 (as my main) "Fine, make me your villain." -From Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo and 79 (secondary) A love so forbidden it was unspeakable.

Who would have ever thought an Angel would fall for a Demon.

Warning for: bad language, dark situations (drinking, drugs, smoking, trashy clubs, etc.) and typical Christine darkness.

Heaven - ONC 2022 on Wattpad

They taught us in church that demons were to be feared but they lied.

In the last days of Armageddon it was the angels that slaughtered people by the millions.

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I decided I would repent and start going to church.

As i went inside though, I was immediately washed over with a wave of unbearable heat.

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The Church Steps

Who knew that church would be the worst thing to ever happen to Savanna?

The Church Steps on Wattpad

This Church is the House of God, and I am His instrument here on Earth!

The doors are barred, the fires are lit, and though they fear now, His children shall soon rejoice in His eternal glory!

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