MY PLEASURE Decides "These Things Take Time"


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Delightfully disjointed and intriguingly erratic, MY PLEASURE's "These Things Take Time" is as charming as it is crazed.

Life's little preoccupations huddle round a reassuring saying... MY PLEASURE expresses in his new tune the importance of patience in the face of life's setbacks.

"...This might be controversial..."

A child skirts the kitchen floor - tipping the table. Your coffee's uninvitingly cool. Undersugared.

The day's news collides against your front door; awaits your reception.

A sigh escapes you - the waning breath of a cooling kettle... Back to bed!

"You look like an angel, but you've got the devil in ya..."

Joined by his partner, daughter and stepdaughter on vocals, MY PLEASURE has succeeded with "These Things Take Time" in blending the triumphs of indie music with the charm of retro's nostalgia.

There's a distinctly laid-back vibe to the track that counters the mundane exasperation of the lyrics. Metaphor for patience?

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On a more technical note, rock riffs + synth-pop = "These Things Take Time."

There's jumpy punch and poppy rhythm galore. Decidedly retro, the song's mix exhales cassette fuzz in full force. Big, bright and warm; it'll make you tingly.

If the above tingles sound tempting, you'd regret passing this one up. Have a listen, love.

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