Mxlcxlm Z Goes Straight Up "Green Bay Packer" in His New Track

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Raw energy and electric enthusiasm on guitar give Mxlcxlm Z's track "Green Bay Packer" a powerful punch.

Trippy hip hop sound - like "A Bay Bay" melting in machinery and heavy metal squeal...

Rims spin, ice gleams, ladies scream... Silence.

Inside the mind of a king...

Bring out everything for just one night.

Let bright lights make night seem timeless.


"Like I'm Cristiano Ronaldo tryin' to score..."

In "Green Bay Packer," Mxlcxlm merges mid-00's audacity with state of the genre creativity. Lyrics boast, bold and proud, over bass-heavy bombastic beats. Hard to beat...

Rough with tumbling percussion, slick with electric guitar licks and turbo-charged with taunting flow... "Green Bay Packer" rushes you swift and sound - big as a linebacker.


The sounds of a soloing guitarist wailing on their instrument pair well with the general feel of the track. It's hard not to feel yourself with out-of-control solos and solid rap ramping up your mood.

Hip hop and rap enthusiast or none, you're bound to have fun listening to this one. It's explorative enough in style to keep you guessing, yet satisfying in sound enough to give reason for a replay. Play.

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