#MusicalMondays 3 - Manchester Hero Edition



Monday has come around again. It never seems to get the hint, does it?

So, this week, in the loving spirit of Manchester's inspiring benefit concert, we celebrate heroism, community and music with a special Manchester Hero edition of our #MusicalMondays mix.

We've featured a few well-known songs from big names in the industry who showed their support at last night's "One Love" event in Manchester along with a number of great tracks from relative unknowns who ought to be known and exceptional indie airs worth a listen or two.

Let us know what songs you think we ought to include in next week's mix by tagging us on Twitter (@odd_nugget My #MusicalMondays picks:).

Something Just Like This (Feat. The Chainsmokers) by Coldplay

A soothing, heartening collaboration between Coldplay and the Chainsmokers with a sound and message big enough to outlast this entire year, let alone the week.

Firework by Katy Perry

Our reasoning for including this track goes without saying. Katy's singular anthem seems almost as though it were written for this very moment in time.

Seen from one perspective, it eerily heralds the tragedy for which last night's event was held.

From another, it serves as an equally eerie consolation track for survivors and loved ones.

Regardless, it fits this week's playlist perfectly and her support at last night's performance was much appreciated.

One Last Time by Ariana Grande

Ariana's hit track; a relaxed EDM experience fit for this Manchester Hero Edition of our weekly mix thanks to its inspiring vibes and, of course, Ariana's major participation in last night's incredible event.

This one and a few others were sung by miss Grande herself at "One Love," and we won't forget it.

Bloom by Small Leaks Sink Ships

A brilliant and intricate piece by this Portland-based four-piece.

Captivating, yet understated. Perfect for all of our low-key Manchester heroes and London saviors out there.

Hollow by Desperate Journalist

Deep Alt. Rock tune with a distinct eighties vibe and a powerful howling chorus - playing out as a battle cry over a cloudy expanse.

We're prepared; strengthened with our heads held high.

Semaphore by Headspace

A harder-hitting, Prog. Metal song with fascinating lyrics and smart composition.

Energetic yet clearheaded and undeniably awesome, perfect for this great week.

Peggy by Orchards

A gorgeous tune strung by a brilliant band.

Refreshing singing and thoguhtful lyrics for a great mood-boost to enhance your day.

Honey by Burns Twins

A charming chillout lullaby to wind down your tempo after an exciting weekend.

Get ready for honey to come your way all week.

Please show your support for the victims of the Manchester and London attacks on Twitter (#OneLoveManchester). Thanks, and stay odd everyone!

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