#MusicalMondays 2 - Escapist's Edition



It's Monday all over again, guys, and this week we've got a few tracks fit for leisure.

Let this escapist's edition of #MusicalMondays alleviate that tension for you.

This week's going to be great!

Let us know what songs you think we ought to include in next week's mix by tagging us on Twitter (@odd_nugget My #MusicalMondays picks:).

Tinker Creek by Hikes

The sound of fresh air rushing by - caressing an open expanse of pasture. This song is relaxing as they come.

Perfect for easing your way into a sweet new week. Plenty of smooth instrumentation and enough alt. rock kick to get you moving.

Star Wars Theme (cover) by Florian Haack

An edgy cover of the well-known movie theme.

More aggressive than the original, thanks to the crunchy distorted guitar work, yet just as triumphant as ever!

Kiss Me in the City by Wayne Szalinski

Very cool, lively alt. rock tune to set your week's pace.

Wayne's vocals really shine in this one - vibrating their way into those groggy reaches of your mind and sprucing them up some.

More Like Jason by Little Tybee

More impressive alt. rock to inspire the escapist in you. Just cause your body's at work doesn't mean your mind has to be there too. :)

This song should set your imagination into full sprint with its whimsical mix of styles and rhythms. Almost too much fun for a work day.

Sunny Duet (feat. The Mind) by Noname

Adorably lyrical and old-school hip hop jam to chillout to.

Noname's impressive poetry, delivered with elegant, nonchalant restraint is such a pleasure to enjoy, you'll wonder where your day went.

Don't forget to let us know what songs you'd like to hear in next week's mix by tagging us on Twitter (@odd_nugget My #MusicalMondays picks:).

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