#MusicalMonday #6 - Sonic the Hedgehog Edition



June 23, 1991 marks Sonic the Hedgehog's birthday and few 90's kids can deny his relative importance in our childhoods.

Sega's recent release of 'SEGA Forever,' an ambitious app featuring free playable versions of their classic games, has gotten us all in a fit.

SEGA Forever's launch has successfully brought a multitude of beloved Sega titles back into the spotlight and Sonic just so happens to be among them.

In this week's #MusicalMonday mix we've assembled an ecclectic batch of chiptunes, Prog. Metal instrumentals, and original Sonic tunes to get you energized for a wonderful week of adventure!

Following are our track synopses. Enjoy and share this playlist! (#MusicalMonday @odd_nugget)

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 by Kirby's Dream Band

Classic Sonic style covered by an awesome band of gaming maniacs!

A track off of their "Pink Album," this song is just as awesome as the game it was originally featured in.

What more is there to say? Check it out!

Mute Swan by Corelia

Amazing band, amazing instrumental track, amazing, amazing...

Powerful, upbeat and fast-paced, it fits right in with our Sonic theme this week, so why not? :)

Green Hill Theme from Sonic the Hedgehog by Video Game Players

This theme brings back some epic memories.

Mellow, upbeat and peppy, it is precisely what Sonic has always been about ('cept for the "Shadow" offshoot, he's always been a grouch).

Sweet Tea (Featuring Aaron Marshall) by Polyphia

It's hard to believe this song wasn't actually written for a Sonic the Hedgehog game; it screams retro influence.

Squealing electric guitars and happy harmonies account for its making the cut for this week's musical mix.

Sonic the Hedgehog Theme 2006 E3 Version by the SEGA Sound Team

A bit different from the standard, vintage Sonic music most of us recognize, but an official Sonic tune nonetheless.

This one features primal drum beats, muddy, distorted metal guitar riffs and an orchestral backing (oh my).

klart grabben ska ha en husvagn by Dunderpatrullen

This one translates to "Clearly the Guy Should Have a Caravan" from its original Swedish.

Language barriers notwithstanding, this is a killer 8-bit jam to daydream to.

What were we talking about?

Labyrinth Zone by The Greatest Bits

A true to form rendering of a classic Sonic song.

This song's so soothing, you'd wonder how you could possibly leave the Labyrinth zone at all.

Metropolis Zone by The Greatest Bits

Our finale; a stellar, guitar-driven rendering of the awesome Metropolis zone theme.

Tune in for debilitating nostalgia.

Thus concludes our tribute to Sonic and his 25-year legacy. Let us know what you think of these songs on Twitter and have a wonderfully Odd week!


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