#MusicalMondays 1st Edition


Musical Mondays are all about facing your work week head-on.

Music can get us through just about anything and is instrumental to almost every person's success (pun clearly intended).

You don't need to dread the coming week every Sunday; MusicalMonday has you covered with a short list of 5 great songs to inspire you towards a bright new week!

This week's mix consists of tracks to chillout to, laugh to and ponder while you're on the job.

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Track 1: Knight Fork by Feed Me Jack

An awesome Alternative Rock tune capable of exciting and relaxing your mind all at once.

Beautiful harmony from guitars set to an upbeat tempo.

The jazzy elements seamlessly blended into this song's gorgeous 2 minutes and forty seconds of life are enough to satisfy all but the most agitated of laborers.

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Track 2: Ibitha by The Lonely Island

A ridiculous trance tribute by merry gang of SNL jokesters, "The Lonely Island."

The song pokes fun at the typical pronunciation of the letter 's' in Spain.

Short enough to leave you wanting more, this song should give you a much-needed laugh to set your week off to a fun start.

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Track 3: Armor by My Eclectic Self

A beautiful melancholy sound sets this song apart from the others in this mix.

Soothing and thoughtful, this track is sure to calm your nerves, no matteer how much coffee you're currently drowning in.

We've interviewed My Eclectic Self in our "Artist Interviews" series - check that out HERE!

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Track 4: Je ne t'échangerai pas by Monsieur

Not gonna lie; the minute this comes on, you'll feel inclined to inquire as to what exactly it is you're listening to.

In short, it's French, it's upbeat, it's bizarrely hypnotizing and it's dangerously addictive.

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Track 5: Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) by Melantopia

What kind of Monday playlist could we possibly hope to make without a touch of gorgeous techno?

This track is inspiring, to say the least.

Smooth, BIG and characterized by its strong driving beat, this one should get your heart going.

We've covered Melantopia's album "Norwegian Summers" in our "Album Impressions" series - check it out HERE!

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That's all, guys! Have an excellent and Odd week!


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