#Musical Mondays 4 - Batman Edition



With the passing of Adam West, who played what was arguably the most beloved incarnation of Batman so far, the world has lost an unforgettable actor.

In this week's edition of #MusicalMonday, we aim to pay homage to Mr. West's memory through a playlist of songs as dramatic as the iconic superhero he played so well.

This "Batman Edition" of #MusicalMonday rounds out the thrill and energy of official Batman themes and tunes, new and old, with a few excellent, non-Batman-related songs we feel Bruce Wayne himself would likely enjoy.

Get set to face this week's baddies in style with Alt. Rock, Prog. and Batman!

Batman Theme by Neil Hefti

The original, iconic theme for the 'World's Greatest Detective.'

Everyone knows it, but few know who composed it - consider yourself a member of the lucky few 'true' Bat-fans.

Neil hefti also composed the theme for the 'Odd Couple,' which makes him perfect for this site.

Batdance by Prince

Definitely not one of Prince's best-known musical creations.

This ecclectic hodge-podge of movie clips and funky grooves actually topped the charts in 1989 when the year's Batman movie came out - rivaling the success of his huge hit, "Kiss".

The Price by Leprous

Dramatic Prog. with a driving staccato rhythm to set the pace for an awesome week.

Definitely intense enough for B-man.

Maybe too intense for mere mortals? :)

Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (Batman Forever) by U2

Another bat-song put together by a huge name in music.

Released on the soundtrack for "Batman Forever" in 1995, U2's brush with Batman is thrilling, rhythmic and undeniably epic.

Their War Here (Batman vs Superman) by Hans Zimmer, Junkie XL

Purely instrumental, this track is recognizable only to those who've braved the recent "Batman vs. Superman" release.

Definitely moving and fittingly serious for one such as the Dark Knight, this track should have you feeling pretty heroic in the face of yet another week.

Broken Bones by Birds of Tokyo

Awesome song by Birds of Tokyo, outfitted with a brilliant chorus and stellar vocals throughout.

Hero music at its best.

Water by The Jelly Jam

Gorgeous, warm tones buzz down your spine in this one.

This song is the sort Batman would listen to after chucking Bane behind bars - perched atop a rooftop gargoyle at sunset.

It builds to wall-crumbling force and back again - ebbing and flowing like a sea of its eponymous substance.

Ascension by Voyager

Complex drum patterns and rhythmic harmony as uplifting as its title; this song is incredible.

Pure power, pure energy, forceful delivery... We know Batman would approve.

Mr. Freeze by Neil Hefti

Another Hefti tune to check out.

This time, for worthy Batman adversary Mr. Freeze.

Arnold Scharzenegger played this particular villain to particularly campy effect, with puns-a-plenty on rapid-fire throughout the "Batman and Robin" film of 1997.

Despite the puns, we find the movie and this (much older) track to be quite cool.

Thanks for tuning in for this week's #MusicalMonday mix! Let us know what you thought of it on Twitter (#MuscalMonday @odd_nugget).


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