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When sleep slips sand-like through your fingers, what do you do?

Besides begging the Sandman for more sand, there aren't all that many alternatives to letting insomnia run its course.

Luckily, the link between music and mind-numbing slumber is a strong one; that is, if you choose the right music to make the connection.

The Sandman can be a fickle friend, but the 8 albums covered here are sure as sheep to help you sleep.

Read on for a few eye-openers on keeping your eyes shut and the very best albums to do so with...

Why Sleep Can Feel so Elusive

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Although sleep comes naturally for most, it can morph into a more complicated affair with bad habits, stress and preexisting health conditions.

From sleep apnea and snoring to a disrupted circadian rhythm (think jet lag), issues with sleep abound and most people will experience at least a few of these throughout their lifetime.

Insomnia, a condition characterized by the lack of satisfactory sleep and/or difficulty with sleeping, is often rooted in emotion. Depression, trauma and anxiety can make sleeping difficult for many.

What Music Works Best for Rest?

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Some sources assert that pure white noise is the king of sleepy time sounds.

The reasoning behind this is that your brain is unlikely to find much rhyme or reason in white noise, yet the soft, fuzzy tones are soothing all the same.

Second to white noise, is any type of music you have grown accustomed to relaxing to, whether that be the sound of wind whistling through a tree or a song by Kenny G.

The albums and songs covered here are generally soft and relatively slow to help you relax, but your best bet is to keep the volume low as you listen.

Low volume gives your brain just enough stimulation to focus on without it becoming a distraction.

Ori and the Will of the Wisps - Official Soundtrack

The visuals alone from this lovely video game are shiver-inducing to see, but its music is the magical cherry on top.

Emotional and heavily padded for maximum effect, this soundtrack is a moving experience all its own. It can also grease your dream gears if you're trying hard to get some rest.

Turn this on low and let it play; you'll remember it when you wake up the next day.

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells

A two-piece, nearly 50-minute epic composition created by Mike Oldfield, this album goes off in every direction without quite breaching serenity's surface.

Yes, this extended masterpiece does in fact feature tubular bells. Apparently, during the recording process, Oldfield fought to coerce a loud enough sound from the tubular bells he had on hand and ended up breaking them.

There are loud portions in this nearing the end, so make sure the volume isn't quite high enough to wake you back up.

Shigeru Umebayashi - In the Mood for Love

Lightly haunting, yet undeniably mellow, the film "In the Mood for Love's" soundtrack enchants.

Shigeru's beautiful composition "Yumeji's Theme" steals the spotlight here and holds its position like a dart in the heart. On a seamless loop, this song is truly something special for the sleep-deprived.

Listening to this will send you reeling out over waves of emotive strings, rocking just gently enough to take you under.

Gabor Szabo - Dreams

If exotic visions of sugar and spice sound nice, this album might be just right for you tonight.

At times drifting and harmonic, at others softly hectic, this album might not seem particularly serene, but there's a foreign jazzy facet at play that plays its part in putting you to sleep so stick with it.

L'Indécis - Plethoria

Soft, sweet chillhop to hop in bed with...

A dreamlike story unfolds in sound, scene by scene, and draws you in.

Fair warning: this album does get a little lively in parts. Keep the volume low for maximum effect.

Chopin - Nocturnes

When all else fails to induce sleep, nocturnes do not.

Nothing beats a nocturne to bring long days to an end and nothing beats Chopin at composing the perfect nocturne.

Nocturnes are intended to evoke the feel and qualities of the night. That's right, these songs were MADE for rest and slumber.

Yann Tiersen - Amélie Soundtrack

Yann Tiersen's unique blend of influences will bring cool, airy movie score magic to your mind when it's time to wind down.

Tiersen's compositions for the film "Amélie" glisten and shimmer like stars in pitch. Rich melodic movements sweep your senses off and away to some place pleasantly melancholic.

Estas Tonne - Internal Flight

Technically, this hour-long extravaganza on guitar is just one song.

Waxing and waning, ebbing and flowing, this epic composition is all spirit waiting to whisk you away.

music for sleeping moon

A good song or two can make a world of difference between blinking wide-eyed at midnight and waking up well-rested. Give these picks a go and dream the night away.

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