MuGeN's "Fool pt. 3" Will Make Your Mind Collapse

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Lapsing rhythmic harmony hold attention from a distant dimension in MuGeN's "Fool pt. 3".

Sweet psychedelia and choral charisma quiet the heart and still the mind with mellifluous motion in this mellow tune.

There you are.

Wherever you are... Wherever you go...

You know you're nearest when you're far.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Time to wake up your mind and feel alright..."

Razor sharp rhythmic guitar and glistening echoes abound in the sound of MuGeN's "Fool pt. 3". Energy soars and swan-dives into a sea of sonic chroma in this lush track.

Tingling tones tiptoe around the mix's edges as drums upend themselves under overdriven vocals. Bass notes bump and grind at tight, syncopated chords, carving time precisely with each harmonic pulse.


Spaced out speakerbox lyrics lead us out into a realm uninhabited and impossibly hospitable. No point in pulling away... "Fool pt. 3" finds the futurist in the present moment, minding his own business in weightless oblivion.

You'll only fully appreciate this song by blasting it on high. Hit the play button and fly.

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