MRBN and Gabrieleli's "Wildfire" Will Basically Burn You Alive


Odd Nugget Social-doneClear, resounding vocals as catalyst and fine future house rhythm as fuel... MRBN and Gabrieleli's "Wildfire" is staged to ignite the night.

A bright, sturdy mix of melody and voice, this track is like Imagine Dragons dipped in Avicii. Bon appetit!

"This feeling takes me higher and higher."

She's the Sun. You're gazing. Can't look away...

Blazing. Her hairs, a tangle. Tongues of flame at odd angles...

Near enough to burn. Feathers fan to fire.

Your desire is the match and you're the pyre.


"...I really don't need your love..."

"Wildfire" is all about the push and the pull. Rhythm riots and retreats in turn, swinging from section to section under a thunderous chorus of "OH's".

Opening to spotlit soulful singing, "Wildfire" builds to full force flames by the end of the verse. Combusting percussion pits synth against shaker in a danceable deathmatch. The match is lit...

Gabrieleli's vocals are perfectly placed, front and center on the soundscape. Fire burning bright on a bed of beats... There's a bucketload of soul in his sound, surrounded by tones at the tune's refrains; aflame.

EDM and house devotees will be delighted with this track. "Wildfire" is big and bold, but beautiful too. Give it a go and glow.

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