Mousewater Picks Up at "Panic Stations"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Slow-paced strummy yum melts into distant vocals in Mousewater's "Panic Stations".

All mellow frailty fraught with moody groove...

"You're here for the ride"

Sterile walls. A glass environment. A seat to wait in.

No trains are coming. Just you are waiting.

Under bright white light, your skin is pallid. Translucent...

The world can see through you. The world's nowhere around.


"...And here comes my ride."

Mousewater pats his own back in self-soothing and reassurance in "Panic Stations". As a track, it's a realization in progress. Lyrics allude to a loss of control and its subsequent rediscovery.

Melodically, Mousewater maintains the melancholic mood of "Panic Stations" from start to finish with sustained vocals and droning, overdriven guitars shocks. There's a bounty of energy at play, but it plays with seasoned restraint. Held back by its own hands, "Panic Stations" seems to straddle the edge of taking off and sitting still.

This track is overwhelmingly relaxed. You can hear the chill. You can taste the calm. But, its calm is a tasteful type and its chill a soulful sort. It's the kind of tune a tired ear can appreciate. Listen and relax.

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