Mosa Shows Us the "Losts & Founds"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Intense, moving mood music... Mosa's "Losts & Founds" finds your attention and doesn't lose it.

This song sounds like thoughts thrown loose on a dusky freeway - it's fast-moving and fogging up the windows.

Nowhere, hiding...

You know where. Wait for it.

In time, we all go there.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"You crazy people... I will walk."

Mosa mashes Moby and Marc Cohn to a solitary tune in "Losts & Founds".

A racing bass keeps pace against dribbling percussion. Kicks rebound in a storm of synths, a downpour of sound... Gruff vocals give impulse and meaning to mindful musings on a monochrome world come to color.


With each subsequent listen, this song becomes more than before. Mosa wrestles with emotions in a sonic gale. Words shock like lightning. The mix rolls, thunderous.

Any fan of adult alternative will get this one. "Losts & Founds" is a grounding experience. Surround yourself in it. The sound is a button-press away.

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