Moons Delux Disarm Your Ears in "One Day Would Be Enough"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Digitized percussion and a world of synths surround you in Moons Delux's "One Day Would Be Enough".

Electric harmony hits at all angles in this light-hearted digital dance of a track.

Secrets will out.

Your conscience buckles. The pressure is perilous.

You swallow doubt.


"...Wasted time will eat you from the inside out..."

"One Day Would Be Enough" is enough to thoroughly tantalize and bewilder. Combining a vast array of auditory elements to stylized perfection, it's a lot like stepping into a pool of raw data.

This tune proves emotive with a mixture of thoughtful lyrics, glitchy beat and deep, humming bass progression, like a melodic change of heart, heavily underway.

Digital toms and chiptunes trip each other in a fit and flurry throughout "One Day Would Be Enough", sending synthetic tones flying off in every direction.

Only by experiencing this song firsthand can you hope to fully appreciate it. Words don't do it justice. Your ears will though, so press play.

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