Moonlight Breakfast Say "Bonjour"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Cool, stylish lyrical licks and an electro-jazz listening landscape... "Bonjour" is Moonlight Breakfast's vibe encapsulated.

Delectable retro swing sloshes up against modern laid-back flavoring in this stimulatingly relaxing track.

"...Ca va bien merci..."

Rough wood polished smooth... The bar is warm against your skin.

Voices raise above the band at your side. Drops drip down your glass.

She's at ease, caught up in airborne music. Unaware...

Or so it seemed... Now, she turns and smiles. As do you.

"...Ma cherie..."

The vocals in "Bonjour" bring to mind the sweet, soft sound of singer Norah Jones. It's all slippery sliding and sass. It's cool. It's ice cold.

There's a sweet shuffle to this song that's both stirring and inviting. Brush-bristle snare shots and soft strumming on guitar splice together a warm, lounge environment you can dance into.


Little details make for a classy, restrained tune. You'll love the electro bleeps and bloops popping in and out at the song's periphery as it starts up. These shift partly into pace-keeping scat singing drenched in reverb around each chorus.

You're bound to enjoy this if you're set to chillax. Say hi to the moon and "Bonjour" to Moonlight Breakfast. Listen and love.

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