Monolink Means to Find "Father Ocean"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Deep, dark house held anchored to a stormy story...

Monolink's "Father Ocean" is a trance tune so entrancing there's a chance you won't stop dancing.

A dead seabed... A desert deserted...

In turban and in wafting cloak, you roam.

A home... Upheaval under waves. Depleted...

Waves departed... A start, now an end. You're brokenhearted.


"I close my eyes and I begin to see."

Surreal singing delivers us to a dreamscape on water in "Father Ocean". Nascent melody moves us, hoists us. Natural natation on a sonic sea...

"Father Ocean" is more experience than anything else. Definitely EDM, this tune doesn't let its genre morph into a limitation. Listeners are lead down a path of purest rhythm to a place where stories come true.

Strings slip between cymbals like slender snakes through grass, keys place punctuation amid percussion like dotted lines on stainless pages and words warm the air like seafront wind on a sunny day.

Anyone interested in EDM with intelligible depth will definitely delight in this. "Father Ocean" is as much mystery as it is music. Make sure to listen.

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