Mokono Make Marvelous Music in "Signs"

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Eclectic and epic, Mokono's new track "Signs" sends shivers down the spine with untraceable style.

Psychedelic soul sits atop a pillar of peppy, pop-flavored rhythm - exotic and entrancing.

Trapped beyond sight... You might not make it back.

You might not make it. Oh, to go back in time...

But, time is only there when you take it.

Once it's passed, you can't make a wrong right.


"I search for paths well-trodden..."

Gorgeously textured, this song sets like sun on an island of adventurous sounds. Where explorative jazz-fusion makers may merely feign interest in a vast body of influences, Mokono make much more deliberate moves in the direction of a few.

The effect in "Signs" is one of dark depth, festive imagination and solemn expression. It's a truly gorgeous song, not least due to the lovely vocals, which, in whistling and waving, find ways to stay in sync with the fluid structure of such a complex soundscape.

Bell-chiming bass sympathizes with crystalline keys, drums drizzle like rain in rolls and placid pitter-patter, then catalyze movement in the melody with centralized splits between hits. Rhythmic mix-ups manifest in multiples around each transition too. The whole of this song's sound simply overtakes you.

You won't have to work at loving this song. An open mind and willingness to enjoy music you might have trouble describing is all it takes.

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