Modra Luna Leave Us Longing for "Lola"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Modra Luna lead us out over stars and dreamy thoughts in "Lola".

Indie rock with a surreal sense of direction... This tune will take you up to the cosmos.

Lifted into air...

Afloat and far off... You scoff at landing.

Behind, your life's standing.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"Hit my head, so I must be dreaming."

Modra Luna inject emotion into an indie rock mold, shattering it in the process of producing this piece.

Spacious bass, pearly guitars and bottomless drums... "Lola" is an unnatural force, melodic and multifaceted with analogous design. Choral vocals thrust thoughts to mix's center like lures for the imagination.


Eyes wide open under open sky... "Lola" shines and shimmers with a bright night's dusky beauty. Harmony like a glittery constellation reels us into this song's love-struck reverie. Moon goddess or more? Hard to say for sure who comes to mind when this song plays.

You don't need to be an indie rock eenthusiast to be enthusiastic about this lovely track. Try it out now. The button's below.

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