Miranda Writes Puts it Plainly in New Track "Actin' Different"

Odd Nugget Social-done

Miranda Writes doles out a different sort of defiance in "Actin' Different".

With dope lyrical delivery, Miranda drops fire-bombs atop ominous trap harmony.

Street carries your ride over asphalt.

It's no fault of yours that doors close behind you. That no one can find you...

But, they stare when your heels hit the sidewalk.

"I'm a different breed of energy..."

Pitchy percussion and panned melody make this beat a banger. Rapid-fire rhymes riding whitewater flow make Miranda Writes's "Actin' Different" decidedly singular.

Keys cut through the mix in "Actin' Different," like loose diamonds splitting light to sparks, white hot. A wild bass synth writhes underfoot in syncopated sympathy with finger-snapping percussion.


Bass beats stab and vanish to air. Air occupies inter-note nooks as Miranda crams language into every cranny. Most rap songs are lyrical manifestos. "Actin' Different" is a look at Writes's real life.

For real talk riddled with raw hoist and drop rhythm, Miranda Writes's "Actin' Different" definitely delivers. Don't be daunted; this track is quality. Slap play and spin it up.

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