Miracle Meat Made in Memphis Labs

Odd Nugget Social-done

Imagine making a meal of manufactured meat, knowing not a cow or pig was slain in its production. Such a strange reality is food tech company Memphis Meats' objective.

"The world's first clean meatball."

When 3 enterprising scientists came together to found Memphis Meats, they did so with the odd and slightly unpalatable aim of literally making meat.

Using bioreactors and stem cells, Memphis Meats will grow full-blown meat products like grass in labs. Or maybe they'll grow meat trees... We would.

Their meat culturing process is actually already functional, but its as of yet prohibitive pricing make it unviable. Memphis Meats haven't quite given up though. With current production costs at $2,400 per pound, they're anticipating full commercial release by 2021. Yay?

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