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mint rock out in new song

Take off.

Tear into a vision.

Sun-blinded collision...

Take off.

"So take me for a ride inside your hatchback... and drive me all the way up to the 1.8.0" - Mint

Mere seconds into this stunner and you'll be mending broken speakers. It's forceful, fitful and just plain full of energy.

Muffled claps and squashed guitar chords mingle with breathy screams, distorted. Audible raunch wrecks right into your ears as this song careens forward, unrelenting.

The coercive crunch of "M180's" insistent groove dulls and shimmers at intervals, but never lets up until its all over.

mint make rock happen in new song m180

This song conjures frantic imagery of feet stomping down back alley mazes, going everywhere without leaving your side. There's a hypnotic quality to this track. Tones intertwine in a crumbling soundscape and evaporate at a touch. Call it sonic sublimation.

Lyrical insanity sparks vivid in your imagination and leaves you braindead somewhere moderately unnerving.

Press play on this song if the sound of urban mischief makes your heart beat faster. It's solid. It's rock.

Mint ยท M180

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