Mike Gale Steadies Your Heartbeat With "The Waves Are High"

Odd Nugget Social-hecho

Sunlight leaks through the lines, lyrical and radiant, in Mike Gale's new song "The Waves Are High".

There's a wealth of relaxation to imbibe in this tune - like a long, cool sip, drive and flight. It's a delight

Happy thoughts you think.

Thoughts spill into memory.

Memories endure.

Odd Nugget Soci-hecho

"There's no need to talk; we've nothing to say..."

Mike Gale takes you to a quiet place in "The Waves Are High". To a quiet place, with soft tones, restrained and arranged...

Guitar notes frisk the mix like a brisk breeze as deep, humming bass notes move in a droning mass underfoot. Words reverberate at the song's center, captivating and quiet at once.


"The Waves Are High" makes an experience of a mood. Sentiment settles, dust-like to the likeness of a fresh memory. Do you recall...?

This song is as relaxing as anything could ever aspire to be. Press play and you'll see.

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