Mike Brunacini's "Christmas Magic" is a Cold Spell to Warm the Heart

Odd Nugget Social-done

Superb songwriting and sentimental lyrics pair perfectly in Mike Brunacini's sweet seasonal song "Christmas Magic".

Heartwarming lyrics lace this lovely track up with love - it's a gift worth giving yourself this holiday season.

Footsteps erase as you brave the storm.

A whiteout, wielding snow as a weapon.

Bludgeoned by cold, you stumble home.

The door opens before you, inviting and warm.

Odd Nugget-done

"Frosted windows with a warm glow inside..."

There's the sentimental touch of a Charlie Brown Christmas special to this tune. Punchy keys and heartfelt lyrics are to blame for that.

Sleigh bells shimmer high in the spectrum like snow from a salt shaker, piano plays a cascade as cool as December wind and Mike sings soft memories over it all.


"Christmas Magic" carries harmony and merry melodies in surplus. A touch of melancholy colors the track a special hue of blue too, tempting you to the sentimental side one verse at a time.

"Christmas Magic" ought to make holiday canon. It's a solid song for the Christmas season, an open invitation to feel deeply for the holidays. Anyone can attest to wanting that. Listen and let it snow.

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