Mike Brunacini Finds Time in "Faded Photographs I: Sepia Tone"


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A balanced offering, "Faded Photographs I: Sepia Tone" weighs two quick and two slow songs as a short, but poignant listening experience.

Whereas memories and reminiscing have been defining factors in Mike's previous releases, this EP takes the subjects to new depths of sentiment.

"When I look through these vacant rooms..."

Mike's unique sound comes as a welcome greeting in "Faded Photographs." The chorus sings of memories as much as it brings back memories of his previous releases. There's a starker tinge of sadness to this though... A touch of emotional growth and new horizons.

"Silver Lining" plays like the softest sigh over rainy pitter patter and cosmic swirl. It's calm melancholy with just enough energy to suggest otherwise.

Still sagging with sorrow, this track feels like a fleeting pass of sunlight through banked clouds.

More musing and reminiscing step into the picture in "Not Forgotten." A breeze of decaying memories whistles over this tune - a flute fading in heavy wind...

Metaphor for the topic at hand, each additional element Mike brings into the fray is delicate and light. Not quite forgotten...

In "Day by Day," aversion to monotony and unfulfilled desire shape the EP's final message into one of longing; keeping up with life as days go by.

The outro is a lovely touch - reinforcing routine into a fadeout with mild, forlorn acceptance.

"Every cloud has a silver lining, but it's still gonna rain."

"Faded Photographs I: Sepia Tone" builds on Brunacini's singular sound in subtle ways and it's nice stuff.

If you haven't gotten acquainted with Mike's music, do yourself the favor. Listen and love.

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