Mike Brunacini Breaks the Barrier Between Reality and a "Dreamstate" in New Album


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Mike Brunacini has brought us his latest musical creation, a full-blown concept album called "Dreamstate," and its a true trip, surreal.

Intoxicatingly imaginative, "Dreamstate" juggles a host of characters and perspectives in its explorative take on storytelling.

Brunacini weaves a waking, breathing world of two narrative threads, intertwining.

Odd Nugget Soc-hecho

"Despite the night, the fireflies are glowing bright..."

Disc 1 meets us at the edge of a dream with its opening track "Remember, Pt. I". In an instant, a story starts unfolding. We're brought along on a fateful walk through Asbury forest turned fitful and surreal experience.

Two kids chase after adventure only to be enveloped in deep darkness at reality's edge.


"Will I ever see home again?"

"Asbury Forest" fills the sonic spectrum with twangy stringed harmony and pop rock riffage. An intermittent lick lingers on a note, tensed in anticipation, and a flute joins its ending to "Sundown's" beginning, beckoning us down a quick-developing path to parts unknown with classic rock verve.

"Constantine" rides in on vocal wind, smoothing ruffled plumage with dusky panache.

As "Dreamstate" settles into its sound, strong prog rock vibes ensue. The epic "Undertow Suite" solidifies this leaning with drawn out development and Yes parallels.

"What if it's only me and I'm trapped in my own dream?"

Disc 2 sends us spiraling in a state of trippy tranquility with "Interlude". Keys phase in and out of our reality as buzzy guitars spin riffs over the mix.

Characters develop as "Dreamstate" drives us deeper into its story. Mike's mind explores its supernatural surroundings in a jazzy subspace echoing with keyboard improvisations.


"And yet, your gazing eyes see through me..."

"Confined" condenses the album's emotional arc to solemnity as bittersweet revelations are had. One soul flies free as another fades to black under blinking light.

"Edge of the Woods Suite" speeds us off to a climactic album ending as tragic as it is lovely. Drastically different sections come together cohesively in this song and the album as a whole, like curvy pieces in a prismatic puzzle.

Fusion forms a stunning foundation in this album - a musical flurry of influences meshing in the form of a fairytale put to tune.

This might be Mike's most enjoyable masterpiece so far. For a narrative stroke of brilliance, bop the play button below.

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