Mikäel Claims he Can't "Stay Away"


Odd Nugget Social-done

Mikäel begs you to stay in "Stay Away"; at least until morning.

This fresh pop rock pick is bristling with electric nostalgia. Listen, but don't let go...

"Stay until the morning light..."

A long climb. Step follows step over a well-worn path.

Peaking above the trees is the peak. A cutout against a twilight sky.

By morning, you've reached it. And so has she.

"We were the setting sun..."

The energetic fingerprint of "Stay Away" feels a lot like Ed Kowalczyk's "The Great Beyond". It's distinctly upbeat, but not overly so, and sparkling with righteous rock.

Lyrically, this track steeps itself in juxtaposition. Before the present, the past persists. Memories smack cold against a shaky new reality from verse to chorus, splattering unspoken emotion over melody.


Touches on guitar bring out the best in Mikäel's voice. It's just part of the appealing throwback sound in "Stay Away", outfitted with a certain sort of layering that thrust the mind into seasons passed.

It's quite lovely how much this sounds like a classic rock song. Brand new, and it's already got the tinge of timelessness to it. Naturally, a listen is advisable. Go on, and enjoy!

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